Sweet Style Saturdays

Sweet Style Saturdays: Sweet Nothings

SDB Sweet Nothings marzipan


I love making a good shopping discovery and that is exactly what I did when I went to check out Sweet Nothings, a “sweet” candy shop, in Summit, NJ. This modern day candy store is reminiscent of a friendly, greeting card shop- only its filled with glorious candy! In preparation for holiday cookie “hot times”, I’ve been checking out some local stores that would be a good fit to sell Sweet Dani B cookies and Sweet Nothings definitely fits the bill.

SDB Sweet Nothings Blog Donna

Sweet Nothings Owner, Donna Puzella

Owner, Donna Puzella has created a fun & fab candy emporium… Sweets of all sorts fill the shelves stacked alongside host and hostess must haves and fun party accessories.

SDB Sweet Nothings Magic Wands

A glittery magic wand? Don’t mind if I do!

SDB Sweet Nothings neopolitan candy shelf

One of my favorite sweets colorways- Neapolitan!

SDB Sweet Nothings Jelly belly wall

The Jelly Belly in every color wall!

SDB Sweet Nothings Candy Shop Action

Sweet Nothings selection runs the gamut and I was excited to witness and “old school” candy transaction while I was there!

Stop in and pick out the candy fabulousness for yourself, or give Donna a call and she can create a custom basket for you based on color or theme. What a great gift for a host or hostess!

SDB Sweet Nothings Green Tea Truffles

Green Tea Truffles from the candy counter- buy a single piece to taste or mix and match your own box to sample!

We are super excited that Sweet Dani B cookies will be included in Sweet Nothings shop this upcoming Halloween to Holiday season! If you know of a “local store” (NJ, NY, NYC, CT area) that would be a great fit for Sweet Dani B, please give us a sweet shout!

Now back to that marzipan- only 1 left! Happy Saturday! Xo Dani

Sweet Style Saturdays: Some Things

A hot but cloudy Saturday at the beach! Even so, its the weekend- Here are “Some Things” making me smile today…

Hopey tub

Clean dogs! Everytime we wash them we say “Why don’t we do this more often?”
Photo: Ben Stubbington

SDB Friendship bracelets

I’m back into my friendship bracelet making groove! This time I’m mixing in some alternate yarns… here I used Martha Stewart glitter eyelash yarn mixed in with the usual embroidery floss used to make these.

Zucchini Cake from farmers market

Zucchini bread from the Farmer’s Market… the corn isn’t quite there yet, but we had some delicious tomatoes this weekend and this fresh zucchini bread was delish!

SDB Nutella cookie sandwiches

Speaking of Farmer’s Markets, I’ve been working on these Nutella sandwich cookies to sell at my table when I join the Hoboken Farmer’s Market in the Fall… not quite there yet but the testing has been delicious!

New bike gear

I’m so excited about my new bike gear… a faux bois woodpecker bell, a fab, hot pink geranium accent flower and a metal basket (hopefully sturdier than the wicker one I had before)

Turq Glitter Pedi

Birks & summer pedi nail art… I believe I took this idea directly from my glitter nailpolish & nail art board on Pinterest!  http://pinterest.com/sweetdanib/glitter-polish-and-nail-art/

Jaws nails

Speaking of nail art, KF’s birthday and Shark Week is just around the corner and this nail art is a must!

Happy Saturday! Xo Dani