Sweet Dani B’s Heart Applicator

The Very Best Cookie and Cake Decorating Tweezer…

A beautiful steel, 6 1/2 inch, offset tweezer with serrated jaws

engraved with Dani’s favorite mantra “Life is Sweet”

Sweet Dani B's Heart Applicator

“Over the years I have tested more tweezers than I can count… This tweezer grips my favorite heart candies and other decorating candies with the most precision and is most versatile. Use it for cookie and cake decorating as well as crafting! I hope you adore the inscription as much as I do! This is the perfect little gift for a cookie decorating friend, or a sweet, “must have” tool for yourself.” xoxo


Price: $10.00 plus 1.95 shipping and handling: Price:$11.95

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Click here to see the Sweet Dani B Heart Applicator in Action!