Hostess Gifts and Tips

Quick & Delicious Hostess Gift? S'more please!

We are spending the week at the beach and we were very excited to be invited an impromptu BBQ last night. I didn’t have the time or supplies to make a fave cookie recipe and royal icing cookies were out of the question so I decided to bring one of my favorite hostess gifts- a S’mores Kit!

I bought these amazing, GIANT marshmallows back up north in one of my fave gourmet stores called Garden of Eden where their motto is “temptation in every aisle”. (This is no exaggeration!)

The rest of the supplies were easy enough to gather:

• Graham crackers

• Hershey Chocolate Bars (King size is a plus but any size would do)

• Wooden skewers (I always have packs of these around for cookie and/ or kabob making)

• Parchment paper & ribbon (bakers twine would be adorable also)

S'more supplies

S'mores Supplies- look at those giant marshmallows!

I opened the graham crackers and marshmallows to re-package. This way, they fit better in the beach pail I chose to package in. It also just looks sweeter and more home spun this way.

S'more Beach Pail

Taking the extra time and care to package or present always pays off in the end... This inexpensive beach pail is adorable and can be re-used!

I added a quick, hand written tag and we were good to go. Did I mention that I planned on delivering this via bike, so sizing was important.

S'more delivery

S'more Delivery: via bike, via basket, via pail in handbag

This is such a great hostess gift for any time of year… In the fall, I have given S’mores Kits in a more traditional style basket with plaid or autumnal ribbon. Season to season- as long as the recipient has a grill, fireplace or fire pit, the end result is adorable, delicious and the perfect interactive ending to any meal… toasted marshmallow + chocolate + graham crackers? S’more please!


Customized Easter Baskets

Not all Easter baskets are created equal. Most that I put together this season included traditional elements like jellybeans, Robin’s Eggs (my fave!) and cookies (or coarse), but I did a few baskets with some different elements this year which was really fun…

My stylist friend, Helen Quinn, requested Easter bunny cookies for her kiddies. Helen is super talented and styled Martha’s Eggcellent Easter baskets for the Easter special this year so I was happy to contribute an element to this master basket stylist’s work! I used cellophane bags as a sort of basket here filling them with candy which worked as a nice base to weight these cookies into a stand up position.

Easter Hatching bunnies in cello "baskets"

Hatching Bunnies in cello "baskets"

My husband, Keith, is a health nut so instead of sweets I found these amazing flamingos with googly eyes to give to him. (We had a pair years ago and were sad when they got lost in a move). I snuck 2 pieces of candy (Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs) into his basket which he quickly put in the freezer for safe keeping.

Keith's Flamingo Basket

Keith's Flamingo Basket

My mother in law absolutely loves making antipasto and appetizer platters so I included my friend Kelli’s famous “pimen’a” cheese spread and crackers in her basket. I was hoping she would open the jar up immediatly to share but no such luck. (This cheese is so delicious! Check it on facebook at: Blondie’s Pimen’a Cheese)

Phyllis' pime'na cheese basket

Pimena cheese basket for Phyllis

My father in law LOVES sweets and I’m lucky he is a big fan of my cookies. His “basket” was filled with my Easter outtakes becuase I know he is more interested in taste than looks… this box gave me a chuckle.

SDB Cookie Outtakes for Tim

SDB Cookie Outtakes for Tim

Of coarse the kiddies like candy and cookies, but I know Mom’s try hard these days to strike a balance with treats so I filled some cello bags with organic puffs to add to little Lucas and Donovan’s Easter baskets. Yes, I am also “that lady” who has been known to give mini raisin boxes at Halloween- you will thank me later! 🙂

Lucas checks out bunny cookie

Lucas checks out his bunny cookie while a bag of healthy puffs wait on the sidelines for later

I had so much making Easter baskets this year! The best part was watching or hearing the stories of everyone happily checking our their basket goodies.

Maica and Cassius check out their bunny cookies

Maica and Cassius check out their SDB bunny cookies on Easter morning

I hope you woke up to amazing sweets and lots of Easter cheer this year!

xoxo Dani