Oscar Owls… A “Wise” Solution!

“I’d like to thank the Academy for taking all the fun out of my Ocsar party dessert buffet.”  -Dani 

SDB Owl Custom cookie Red Carpet

No autographs please!

Well, maybe not all the fun… I was surprised to find out this year that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned and really cracked down on any reproduction of its trademarked materials. I discovered this fact when I wanted to make an Oscar statue cookie cupcake topper, and it was impossible to find a cookie cutter. It took a bit of time for me to come up with a “wise solution” but eventually it dawned on me! Instead of stiff statue cookies I turned to the fun and fabulous Sweet Dani B Owl! After icing, I topped them with gold coarse sanding sugar, gold candy bead feet and filled in their signature curious eyes with brown royal icing. Voilà! Here’s a cute and delicious cookie that is red carpet ready for Sunday!

Sweet Dani B Custom Oscar Owl Cookies Serving idea

For your consideration, the Sweet Dani B Oscar Owl Cookie! (roaring applause)

I always set up movie parties in a pretty casual way, so I love the idea of placing these guys placed on parchment paper and writing in Oscar questions around them. If you are having a sit down dinner, here’s a cute idea for a place setting…

SDB Owl Decorative Cookie Oscar Place Setting

You can easily write each person's name down the side here or add a cute place card tent to the plate

Take that! Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! In my opinion, its a little over the top to ban Oscar cookie cutters, but I ended up appreciating the challenge… My Oscar Owls feel like winners already!

Happy Oscars! Go Uggie!  Xo Dani

PS. I’ll be selling my Oscar Owls, my Sweet Dani B Expert Icing Kit and many other delicious items this Sunday, February 26th from 1:00 to 4 p.m. at Urban Arts, Suite E206 in Monroe Center in Hoboken! Stop by and see us!

A Movie Party: May the Force Be With You

In our annual rush to catch up on the oscar nominated movies this past weekend, I noticed that the Phantom Menace in back in theatres in 3D. To most Star Wars die hards this movie could not have been more of a “menace” in the “perfect record” of the original Star Wars trilogy.


C3PO and our Wookie

I grew up watching Star Wars over and over and over with my brother, “Bogues”, who loved the movie growing up and may be even more obsessed with it these days! He and KF quote Star Wars often, collect Star Wars “art” and even named their Tough Mudder team the “Nerf Herders”. I’m not sure they will never forgive George Lucas for Jar Jar binks, or for editing the scene where “Han shot first”.

For Bogues’ birthday last year and we thought a Star Wars movie celebration was in order. Hope’s adoption birthday is around the same date and since she is the perfect Wookie, we figured she would enjoy celebrating then too.


Obviously, Hope dressed within theme for the party

Of coarse a real Star Wars party involves having to watch the movie! I had a really great time creating a Star Wars inspired menu and signage- which I am more than happy to share!


What's a movie party without popcorn? We borrowed a "real" movie popcorn maker from a friend and used these Star Wars party picks from Williams Sonoma to add drama


Jedi Juice (aka: Pom Margarita) was just the thing to quench our thirst! We also offered a non alcoholic option: "Yoda Soda"

Keeping the appetizers easy for handling while movie watching was key…


I also made "Dark Side Hummus"with homemade Vader and Stormtrooper tortillas as well as "Asparagus Lightsaber Spears" (proscuitto wrapped, roasted asparagus)...

After movie watching we sat down for dinner and enjoyed my “black and white chicken chili”, grilled steaks and Amanda brought along “Aunt Beru’s Mac and Cheese” (really a Barefoot Contessa recipe- soooo good!).


Bogues was gifted both the Darth and Stormtrooper spatulas from Williams Sonoma- perfect for serving!


I could not wait to reveal my "Royal Highness Kabobs" for dessert! AMAZING! These were made with munchkins (2 chocolate, one glazed) speared onto kabob sticks, tucked in sprinkle eyes, and a heart mouth attached with a dot of royal icing. Seriously cute!


Not to be missed... Wookie Cookies! Hopey loved these and was allowed to try them because they are really coconut macaroons


Nicole made this delicious Neuman-O's ice cream cake. We served it in the springform pan for a more Star Wars spaceship effect. Also, two taper candles crossed imitated perfect sabers!

Of coarse it couldn’t be a party without a photo booth!


Everybody say "JEDI"!

This was a really fun and easy party to pre-prep party. (To make it even easier, download my Star Wars Menu signage here: Sweet Dani B Star Wars Party Food Signage)

It could be great to translate some of these menu ideas for Oscar viewing this Sunday! Or keep it real (AKA: anti Phantom Menace) and host a Star Wars party of your own! Look for my “Dark Side Hummus” recipe in an upcoming post… I’m also excited to share my “Black and White” chicken chili recipe with you!

In the meantime… May the Force Be with You!  Xoxo Dani