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Cookie & Craft Shark Week: JAWS Shark Party Hat

SDB JAWS party hat beauties

These JAWS Party Hats are ready to celebrate!

Today is KF’s actual day birthday and we will be celebrating with a few friends later on tonight. I love a good party hat group shot so I made an updated version of the shark party hat for this year. It pays homage to the iconic poster that advertised JAWS (KF’s favorite movie of all time) and the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week is just around the corner so these will serve double duty!

This is another fun and easy hat to D.I.Y. The JAWS mouth makes it a slight bit more “advanced” craft- wise, but download our SDB JAWS Shark Hat Template Cut Outs, enlist some shark loving helpers, and you will have amazing JAWS shark party hats like these in no time!

Here’s the step by step…

SDB JAWS party hat supplies

You will need: Our SDB JAWS party hat template, black construction paper, solid color party hats (we are using silver and gold but blues work very nicely), glue dots or glue, scissors… SDB JAWS party hat cut template is helpful but not necessary, black glitter to make the eyes glimmer is optional but fabulous. Shark mascot assistant is also optional…

SDB JAWS party hat cut template

If using a 1/2 inch circle punch (like I did), punch out the eyes on black construction paper. If you don’t have a punch, cut out both the eye and the mouth shapes from the template…

SDB JAWS party hat mouth eyes on paper

Trace the mouths onto the paper and cut out…

SDB JAWS party hat cut teeth

Cut the whith triangle teeth direct from our template. You will need about 14- 18 per mouth. Once you get on a roll of cutting the triangles you can just keep going on the paper… shark teeth are far from perfect so your triangles dont have to be exact

SDB JAWS party hat add teeth

Add small dots of glue spaced about 1/4 inch apart to the mouth paper. Add your white paper teeth- the tops of the teeth will hang off the mouth edge just a bit. It looks cool if some of the triangles meet or go between eachother…

SDB JAWS party hat mouth drying

Let teeth fully dry for at least 10 minutes (20 would be better). If the mouth isnt fully dry, the next step will not work…

SDB JAWS party hat trim teeth to mouth shape

Turn the mouth over and trim the teeth edges that are hanging off using the mouth as your guide so that the teeth will be flush with the mouth.

SDB JAWS party hat glue dots

I used glue dots to attach the mouth and eyes because they are fast, easy, and not messy but you can just as easily use a glue gun or craft glue. If using the dots or glue, insert your hand into the hat and press the mouth and eyes down on the front to keep them secure. If using glue, you may need to hold each piece in place for several seconds.

SDB JAWS party hat add eye

Cue the JAWS music…

SDB JAWS party hat Spot

You hat is ready for wear! Happy Birthday KF!

SDB Shark Week Party Hat 2011 group shot

It’s going to be hard to beat this Shark Hat group shot from last year but we will gladly give it a try!

To see how to make last year’s version of the shark hat click here

Happy Saturday! Shark on friends! Xo Dani






Cookie & Craft Shark Week: Dog Shark

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Spot Fiori as JAWS!

People look at me like I’m nuts when I tell them that Spot Fiori loves to dress up. We keep his “clothes” in a bag by the door and whenever I take the bag out he comes running tail wagging. Even tying a bandana around his neck adds a spring to his step!

SDB Dog Shark_Spot Outfits

Just a few of Spot Fiori’s favorite looks… Giants jersey (represent!), Vampire Cape, and his very  dapper rain trench…

Spot was lucky enough to be invited to The Martha Show’s “Pet-tacular” a few years ago and since KF agreed to accompany him, it was immediately decided that he would have to go as a character from JAWS (KF’s favorite movie of all time). I got right to work on his costume which was inspired by the scene where Chief Brody tells the Captain Quint, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

SDB Dog Shark_full costume view

Spot shows off his JAWS costume

I was so excited to find this amazing “land shark” dog costume. It was a great place to start. An exact replica of the ORCA was not easy to come by but I found one online and KF hand lettered ORCA on it. These days, I’d head over to Etsy, where there are tons of fun wooden toy boats. In full effort to push his costume over the top, we added a thrift store purchased doll leg to the mouth.* I attached all JAWS props to the shark costume body with a glue gun. So simple yet very effective!

SDB Dog Shark_Nomi KF Spot Audience

Spot Fiori JAWS seen here with KF and our friend, Nomi, living it up in the audience at The Martha Show Pet-tacular

Sadly, Spot Fiori JAWS did not take home a prize that day, (He was robbed!) but he did have a totally excellent time and like many celebrities, his favorite part of the day was his visit to “craft services”!

SDB Dog Shark_snack at craft services

Ooooh melon!

Your furry friend will love wearing this JAWSOME costume at your Shark Week kickoff party! Or its never ever too soon to start prepping for Halloween! Shark on, friends! Xo Dani

* In real life, we do not think sharks biting or hurting people is a laughing matter. In fact we take it very seriously and find it really, really scary. In the case of this costume we were trying to represent JAWS as the “killing machine” shark that he was.