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Cookie & Craft Shark Week: Watermelon Shark

SDB Watermelon Shark_ final

Oh hello!

I do find it strange that I hadn’t thought about carving a watermelon before. Its a lot like carving a pumpkin but much easier and rather then unavoidable messy scoop out and seed separation, delicious scoop out with very little mess. The National Watermelon Promotion Board (yes, there really is one!) has tons of ideas and suggestions for carving watermelon– one seemingly more clever than the next… needless to say I couldn’t resist a shark as my maiden carving voyage. Could there be a better centerpiece to your Shark Week Sunday Buffet than this watermelon shark bust that goes so well with our other shark cookies and crafts? I think not!

Here’s how I made our watermelon shark…

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 1 shape

Choose an oval shaped watermelon (I went with seedless). It’s good to have a few good, sharp knives at your disposal as well as paper towels… (Since I threw away our pairing knife by accident- dang- I used an exacto knife with a fresh, clean blade)

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 2 cut at angle

Cut the bottom of the watermelon at a slight angle… reserve cut piece…

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 3 scoop

Turn the watermelon back over and begin scooping out pieces. I didn’t have a melon baller so I used the scoop I use for drop cookies to scoop the melon into balls (it worked well!)…

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 4 drain juice

As I scooped, I periodically emptied the watermelon water from the melon, I also discarded strips with lots of seeds (seedless watermelons do have a few seeds)…

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 5 mouth 1

Next I carved the mouth using an exacto knife, the shape is basically an upside down crescent moon…

For good reference to this shape check out our shark mouth template in this post. Of coarse it will have to be sized accordingly for your selected shark melon.

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 5 mouth 2

I cut the negative shape of the mouth into sections so as to easier remove it…

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 6 teeth

The teeth are so easy to carve using a sharp knife!

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 7 dorsal fin

I used a wedge from the inital angle cut to create the dorsal fin and scraped the melon down to the white…

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 7 fin toothpick

I used a toothpick to attach the fin…

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 8 blackberry eye

…and the blackberry eyes!

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 9 feed

This is the only time I would ever suggest feeding a shark! Add the watermelon balls back into the mouth…

SDB Watermelon Shark_ 10 enjoy

…appreciate the adorableness of your watermelon shark! Enjoy!

This is  fun and fabulous buffet “centerpiece” and a great project to do ahead of time. After making my shark friend, I wrapped him in plastic wrap and stored him in the fridge for 2 days before serving. The shark stayed perfectly intact and the watermelon was extra cold and super refreshing!

2 days and counting! Shark on friends! xo Dani





Cookie & Craft Shark Week: Guest Shark Artist, Rosa Clifford

I had the pleasure of meeting Rosa Clifford in February 2011 when we were both guests on the Martha Stewart “Valentine Ideas” show.

Martha Stewart Dani Fiori

Dani Fiori and Martha Stewart are seen during the production of “The Martha Stewart Show” in New York on Tuesday, February 1, 2011. Photo: David E. Steele/The Martha Stewart Show

SDB Rosa blog MS Rosa Clifford and Martha Stewart

Rosa Clifford and Martha Stewart are seen during the production of “The Martha Stewart Show” in New York on Tuesday, February 1, 2011. Photo: David E. Steele/The Martha Stewart Show

Rosa Clifford is the super talented artist and founder of ROC Paper Scissors. She creates amazingly detailed scrapbook style cards using paper, paint and other collage elements. Since we met, we have kept in touch via Facebook and I thought it would be fun to commission one of her custom cards for KF for his b-day. Of coarse we went with a shark theme! It’s absolutely amazing how Rosa can capture gestures and movement using paper- the final product was “so KF” and he loved it!

I asked Rosa to document her step by step of creating this card which I’m excited to share here…

SDB Rosa blog 1 Sketch Templates Materials

After sending Rosa various photos of KF surfing and photos of Spot and Hope, she created a sketch and then templates for her shapes…

SDB Rosa blog 2 Making the Shark

I requested that the shark “not be too ferocious” and she happily agreed! I love how you can see the difference a little shading makes in this step by step…

SDB Rosa blog 3 Making KF

She really captured KF amazingly well- the watch! the ring! the stance!

SDB Rosa blog 4 Making the Dogs

Look at this precision work on Spot and Hope (Grrr) using such tiny pieces of paper! Love it!

SDB Rosa blog 5 Shading Pouncing Splash Water Effect and Final

The water was created using layers of paper and a “punch paint” stipple type effect- love how it “moves”!

SDB Rosa blog 6 Punch Paint and Assemble Balloons

Using a Martha craft paper punch, she punched the balloon shapes then added string (!) and painted balloon highlights.

SDB Rosa blog 7 KF Final Product

And here it is… the amazing final product! What a fabulous keepsake- I can’t wait to frame it!

Of coarse, Rosa is not only a “shark artist”… check out her website and follow her on facebook to see much more of her incredible work! Through her website, you can place an order through her online card store for year round greeting cards or commission a work like I did for KF. Either way you will be amazed! Thanks again Rosa!

Shark on friends- only a 6 days till Shark Week! Are you ready? We have a few more ferociously fun ideas coming your way…  Xo Dani