Cookie Parties & Workshops

“Summer Fun” Cookie & Jewelry Workshop

I was super excited when the ladies of Lost Wax Studio invited me to join in on a fun, summery workshop hosted by Adrienne of A.R.C. Fine Art gallery in Fairfield, CT.

A.R.C. Fine Art

A.R.C. Fine Art

In celebration of the end of the school year as well as an opening she was hosting that evening, Adrienne thought it would  fun to gather some of her children’s friends for a creative after school get together.

Here are some photos from a beautiful, creative summer afternoon!

lws_june 27 workshop 2_ arc

The workshop began with a bracelet making workshop led by the ladies of Lost Wax- I had the best time taking this workshop myself even though it was hard to decide on bead color since they have so many beautiful ones!

Yay! We made these!

Yay! We made these!

Chillin on the rope swing

In between workshops, the girls enjoyed the Adrienne’s beautiful yard, as well as the perfect weather, on a rope swing (I need one of these stat!)

"We can't wait to start icing!"

“We can’t wait to start icing!”

First demo fish 2

First up was the fun fish cookie… everyone watched intently!

I love his googly eyes!

I love his googly eyes! and her bracelets!

Loved this color combo of wet on wet icing....

Loved this color combo of wet on wet icing…

Mixed icing colors on fish

…and loved to see a few icing “risk takers” mix their colors on the cookie to make a new shade! (Note: Candy bubble placement)

...and before we knew if the fish were iced and eaten!

…and before we knew if the fish were iced and eaten!

I might be too young to ice cookies but I'm old enough to know something yum when I see it!

I might be too young to ice cookies but I’m old enough to know something yum when I see it!

Owls were up next... Whoot Whoot!

Owls were up next… Whoot Whoot!

More creative icing colors mixed, owls iced!

More creative icing colors mixed, amazing owls iced!

Whooo doesn't love owl cookies?

Whooo doesn’t love owl cookies?

We cant wait!

I’ve never had this happen before but there’s a first time for everything… As quickly as the cookies were iced, they were eaten! Only 2 cookie icers ended up taking their creations home!

That was FUN! Happy summer!

That was FUN! Happy summer!

Happy Saturday! Xo Dani









Sweet Style Saturdays: Sweet Gems in NYC

SDB-custom dragonfly-cookie-in giftbox

Not only is Lost Wax Studio a beautifully curated jewelry shop in downtown NYC, but owners Tam Tran, Christine McKee and Yuval Alexander pride themselves in sharing their skills in design and jewelry making through exciting, interactive  and collaborative workshops (they are “spreading the love” as I say!). I was really excited when they contacted me about holding a Sweet Dani B Cookie Decorating Workshop in their studio!

lost wax trade bead necklace

Not only do I "heart" their mission statement, but I also love their eye and attention to detail...

Lost Wax studio is located on Elizabeth Street in NYC. It’s a cool and hip area but a bit more of a quiet and quaint street.

Lost wax storefront on Elizabeth

You can't help but want to pop in when you come upon their storefront on Elizabeth Street... Looove this paint color!

The shop features eclectic and amazing jewelry pieces… tons of sparkling beads, stacks of uniquely stacked and paired rings… as well as vintage jewelry. They also sell their tools of the trade such as their favorite heavy duty canvas tool roll!

Lost wax beads and beads and beads

Beads and necklaces and beads and necklaces, Lost Wax Studio


Lost wax gemstone beads

I got inspired just looking at all these supplies!


lost wax tam tran stacking rings

I am in love with Tam Tran's stacking rings! These are from a set called "one for every year we have been together'. Excellent! (KF, that number is nearing 11 :)!)


Tam doing a demo at one of their Lost Wax Studio workshops

Tam doing a demo at one of their Lost Wax Studio workshops


lws_studio workshop in action

Their workshops are held around this huge, beautiful table that is the centerpiece of their shop



Can't you just picture Sweet Dani B Cookie jewelry styled amongst the beads and baubles in Lost Wax Studio?

After meeting these talented ladies, I knew this would be the perfect fit for a Sweet Dani B Cookie Workshop. I am thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a “Cookie Jewelry Decorating Workshop” May 12th, (the day before Mother’s Day) at Lost Wax Studio! Spend some quality time with your Mom and bring her along to the workshop or gather a group of friends and come make your cookie jewelry gifts together! Space is limited so check your calendar and register ASAP!

SDB-custom dragonfly-cookie-in giftbox

We are looking forward to another SWEET collaboration! See you there! Xo

Happy Saturday! Xo Dani

*Photos of Lost Wax Studio provided by Lost Wax Studio*