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Halloween 15 Cookie Shopping List

Ahhh Halloween 15... has such a good ring to it!

Ahhh Halloween 15… has such a good ring to it!

If you are hoping to make some of the SWEET cookies we shot how-to’s for SweetDaniB TV yesterday, here’s a quick list! Our videos are coming soon!

The amazing cookie cutters we used to make the above platter are…

SDB Pop-Up Pumpkin:



SDB Flying Owl:

SDB Halloween 15 Shopping List_Owl cookie over cauldron

Owl eyes are candy buttons or yellow M&Ms. Beak is cut up candy corn.

Pumpkin Man:

Hug Monster:

SDB Halloween 15 Shopping List_Hug Monster cookies

Mr. Bones (also use for Dapper Zombie, My Mummy, and Day of the Dead Skeletons!):

SDB Halloween 15 Shopping List_ Mr Bones American Made Market

To make shopping super easy for you, CopperGifts is also selling our SDB Expert Icing Kits and Heart Applicator Tweezer…

Decorations and Candy

Heart Candies (always! I put them on all my cookies as you know)…

Jumbo Hearts: (these give you pink option too!)

Small Hearts (Called “pastel” but really mixed brights):

Mr. Bones Teeth:

Pumpkin Man Eyes (you could always pipe these):

JIMMIES (Maybe you call them sprinkles? :)) Copper Gifts has LOTS!

Candy Shred for Hug Monster and Pop-Up Pumpkin:

Also, Bakerella is selling her own candy shred at AC Moore. Food stores with great baking sections as well as craft stores also have it.

Googly Eyes:

Also, Wegmans, Target and some other supermarkets are now selling sugar googs. Super cute ones too! Looks for spooky gummy googs in the candy aisle! YES!!!

Food coloring markers ALWAYS come in handy… use these for vintage our pop-up pumpkin with kitty…

Last but not least the amazing dog skeletons we propped with are from Grandin Road. Amazing! they have lots of breeds and the quality is top notch!

"Who the ___ is this guy?!" -Hope Fiori

“Who the ___ is this guy?!” -Hope Fiori

As you can see from all the exclamation points in this post, I am SUPER excited about out Halloween 15 Cookies. Here’s to a SWEET few weeks leading up to the big day! Mwhhahaaaa! Xo Dani

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

My “year of yes”* has taken me on so many adventures already… What’s interesting is I had never done a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” cookie box before. I did have all the cutters needed and when requested as a gift by my hygienist for a new family in their neighborhood, my mind went to how I would lay out the shapes in the box, but until I was icing the cookies I had no idea as to how I would ice and decorate them. Sometimes the unplanned turns out to be super fun…

Yellow house with M&M Roof- SWEET!

Yellow house with M&M Roof- SWEET!

I was lucky enough to grow up in one of those idyllic NJ towns, one that should be named Plesantville or something like that. Our block was filled with kids of similar ages and we all played outside together. The parents were all friends and would have block parties in the Summer…  When I was icing these I guess I was kind of channeling that mixed in with a touch of gingerbread houses. The colors kind of mixed themselves…

SDB House Cookies_ with sun

Only a few sweet clouds in this sky!

Only a few sweet clouds in this SWEET sky!

I always get sentimental in the last days of Summer… As I was assembling this cookie box I was thinking about those days. I’m still in touch with some of those neighbors and my parents are still friends with their parents. Today I am lucky to also live in a wonderful neighborhood with fantastic neighbors and I wish the receiver of this cookie box the same neighborly love.

Welcome to the Neighborhood Cookie Box

Welcome to the Neighborhood Cookie Box

(*Have I mentioned my “year of YES” yet? 2015 is my year of saying yes as often as possible… very few to little no’s. ” Say Yes. Dare Greatly. It is proving to be quite the adventure…)

Life is Sweet! Xo Dani