Smiley Donut Cookie How To

SDB Donut How To_5 cookies in box

We are SWEET! See us smile!

As a proud foodie, I often imagine cookies, donuts, and other yummy bites smiling back at me! Back in May, I made these cookie favors for my friend Carrie’s baby shower which was a milk & cookie theme…

SDB Donut How To_Milk and Cookie Cookie

The milk & cookie cookie favors for Carrie’s baby shower featured icing googly eyes- I made sure to point the eyes staring into the direction of each yum chocolate chip cookie!

… and it kind of started a fun trend for me of putting eyes and faces on my cookies. Granted, not all cookies work with eyes and smiley faces, but this is a very fun way to make cookies extra sweet and fun for a kid’s party or other whimsical occasion. Bette’s 1st birthday party was a perfect fit for the whimsy of smiling food and these smiling donut cookies were the perfect fit!

Here’s how I iced the smiley donut cookie…

SDB Donut How To_1 oval cookie with hole

Using large and small oval cookie cutters, I baked my donut cookies. I made sure to punch the donut hole slightly above off center and a slight bit to the right- this was to create “perspective” and also pre plotting on where I’d later place the smiley face

SDB Donut How To_2 blonde 1st layer cookie

Next I iced the bottom donut in “vanilla”…

SDB Donut How To_2 choc 1st layer cookie

and chocolate… Its important to ice this layer first so the top icing layer literally layers onto the donut. Let this layer dry completely.

SDB Donut How To_3 add pink glaze cookie

Once the bottom layer is dry, ice the pink “glaze” using swirly edge outlines. In certain areas I iced to the very edge and pushed the royal icing to drip over the edge. This gave a real donut glaze effect. While still wet, add the eyes into place then add jimmies or mini sugar confetti. Let dry without moving the cookies (you want the overflow icing to harden in place).

SDB Donut How To_4 donut cookie mouth

Last but not least, add a red smiley mouth using your thin tip SDB icing bottle- let dry!

SDB Donut How To_6 Donut Cookie Favor

Donut cookie packaged in cellophane bags, ready to be taken home and enjoyed. Don’t they look excited?!

I have a few more smileys in the works and I hope this inspires you… Smiles are SWEET! Xo Dani

PS. Get the amazing oval cookie cutter that I used here… I have already used it a bunch– its a great cookie baking investment!

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Let’s Sweet! Fave Bakeries in NYC (a blog in progress)

I received a very important tweet request from a few friends “across the pond” who are seeking out ‘the best cake places to visit in NYC’ on a visit planned for this Fall. “Cake places” is specific but I don’t think these friends will mind that my tastes for sweets goes well beyond cake, so I’m going highlight the “sweetest” and “most original” in my opinion- because nobody visits NYC for the same old same old.

As delicious as it would be to hit up all my favorite places in one or two days, my thighs would never forgive me- hence this “blog in progress”…

Dani with Choc chip cookie eye

Let’s sweet, shall we?

Did you know that donut can be spelled doughnut OR donut? Interesting! I investigated this since my typing of donut comes up as a typo but in fact, both ways are accepted… moving on…

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Bag

Donut Plant, NYC

There were so many people taking photos and even a group taking video of placing a donut order that I worried about “being cliche” including Donut Plant on this list but, it is too amazing not to include… So, somehow, if you haven’t heard, Donut Plant is a glorious, simple (speaking of simple their logo= brilliance), delicious bakery concept built on the baking history of the owner’s family (I dare you not to tear up reading the ‘history’ on their site!)

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Wall

I’d love some of these amazing donut pillows for our couch!

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Chair

Even the chairs have donut holes!

Being a bit of a donut expert, I asked my friend Amanda to meet me at Donut Plant. We visited on a very hot day! Very. Hot. (This might explain why all my photos are slightly blurry) After 10 minutes of reading the menu I went to the counter and returned to our table hoping I made the right choices… The man next to us gasped! (Was it the churro that offended him or the amount we were sampling?) We had gone with our instincts and ordered 2 cake donuts: cinnamon sugar & blueberry cake, 2 yeast donuts: vanilla bean glazed & peanut butter banana, 1 churro, and 2 iced lattes. (Ok, maybe I can see why he was staring!)

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Iced Latte

Also delish- Donut Plant’s iced latte!

Amanda surmised that she preferred the yeast donuts to the cake versions, “You get a bigger donut, and I want as much of this donut that I could get” she said while happily eating the vanilla bean. It is a great point but my heart really belongs to the cake donut- cinnamon sugar, blueberry cake, tres leches (I had tried one before this visit)…

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Blueberry Cake smile

Blueberry Cake smile

I can’t wait to go back and try the blackout cake, pistachio, and carrot…

Donut Plant Visit Summation: If you are visiting, def do a “taste test” between the yeast and cake donuts to compare. (You can always try 1/2 then take the other 1/2 home!) As far as flavors, I’m not sure any could be bad… Their “jelly filled square” has come into its own fame due to shape and jelly distribution and their “blackout” and “tres leche” are trademarked so those are always good places to start if you can not decide. Serious Eats ate their way thru Donut Plant’s menu so if you’d like to pre prep for your visit, check out their flavor by flavor review here.

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Spot

The banana was my fave! -Spot Fiori

Next on the list…

Sullivan Street Bakery

Tam waits patiently with our goods (on a very hot day) on the bench outside of Sullivan Street Bakery

I will never forget the first time I tried a Sullivan Street donut (technically called bomboloni)… It was the last shoot day of season 5 of the Martha show, and we had spent the season working a funky little 2 1/2 minute segment referred to in TV as “the donut” into the daily show schedule. Since it takes time to demonstrate a fabulous craft or cooking segment to viewers, most Martha show segments were about 7 to 8 minutes long… so one could imagine the challenge it was to come up with interesting, short segments for “the donut” and how quickly we had to work to style those segments live. To be honest, we all hated the donut! The following season would mark the return of all regular segment lengths and in celebration of the end of “the donut”, supervising producer, Lisa Wagner, treated the staff and crew to a celebratory jelly donut from Sullivan Street bakery. One bite and I was in love- the perfect teaspoon sized dot of sweet, fresh tasting jelly and a wonderfully puffy, yummy cake.

Sullivan Street Donut on bench

Hello old friend…

Jim Lahey has come a long way since Sullivan Street bakery opened on the actual Sullivan St in NYC. He has more recently become “the NYC pizza master” as he took bread baking and pizza crust making to the next level with his “no knead” method. As a proud celebrator of pizza Fridays, I’m super excited to try some of his recipes in his latest book, “My Pizza”.

Sullivan Street custard donut

A vanilla bean custard donut toast!

There’s not much room to sit in the newer Sullivan Street location, (long  counter at the window, about 8 to 10 chairs) but don’t let that stop you. You can choose from a vast selection of “Roman style” pizzas by the slice, but don’t confuse them with regular pizza slices…. These are more like squares of foodie bread art.

Sullivan Street Olive bread

A cut strip of olive bread with whole green olives- glorious!

The most beautiful artisan breads are also featured, and a small but concise selection of desserts featuring the glorious donuts mentioned above as well as a few other sweets like individual olive oil cakes, and a seasonal fruit cloufuti. Ever a sucker for biscotti, I grabbed a bag to go along with their “Americani” labeled chocolate chip cookies (both cookies were a little too crisp in my opinion).

One of the coolest things about Sullivan Street bakery? You can sign up to take a bread or pizza class with the master himself! (I think I will wait till the 100 degree heat breaks!)

Sullivan Street Bakery Visit Summation: Grab a pizza slice for lunch or a few to take home for dinner (the mushroom- WOW!) and do not miss this donut (bomboloni)! Either version is glorious and the only downside is that you really must eat them day of purchase (is that so bad?). Grab a loaf of Jim’s artisan pane to go and you can always slice up whats leftover and pop it in the freezer for future eating. (Who am I kidding? We had nothing left to freeze!)

Next on the list…

Eataly Sign

Eataly, NYC

As a nice Italian girl from Jersey, I’m a little embarrassed to say that I JUST made it to Eataly. I had walked thru before and oogled but it was just last week that we finally put aside an evening to experience it. Its really glorious and is so much more than sweets so if visiting, but aside a few hours to really experience it. After a delicious dinner (in honor of my brother’s birthday) at Manzo, we strolled through and checked out the meats and cheeses, the produce (amazing and impressive choices in the mushroom section!), the seafood counter, the wine bar area… I hugged the parmesean on our way to the sweets section (which is directly at the front entrance on 5th Ave).

DBF CB hugs at Eataly

Like sister like brother… I hugged the parmesean while Bogues cradled a proscuitto!

Their tagline is “Italy is Eataly” and that could not be more true! The front cafe, Lavazza, is set up authentic Italian style with tall tables for standing and sipping espresso or cappuccino while enjoying sweets or a delicious cone of the most perfect gelato. Its very busy and buzzing, just like in Italy!

Eataly pistacchio

Pistacchio is the best gelato flavor in my opinion… impress your friends (or embarrass your brother) by ordering it “Italian style” using hard C’s… (pee-STAHK-yoh)

Eataly Me and Nicole cones

Nicole’s fave flavor is “stracciatella” which is similar to chocolate chip

I was really full after dinner and gelato “testing” but there was no way I could pass up the “Dolci counter” so I patiently waited on line and picked out one pastry and one cookie to go which I enjoyed the next day with a hot cup of coffee. Va Bene!

Eataly sweets to go

Not only were these sweets delish, this hazelnut sandwich cookie inspired me…

Eataly Visit Summation: I feel like I would have to go back at least 5 times to give an exact “do not miss list” for Eataly. Their website has a few great guides for “how to eat” when visiting. I think the best advice is to arrive hungry and set aside a few hours to stroll through. Use all your senses to guide you. Do not miss the gelato! Sweet up!

Next on the list…

The City Bakery, NYC

The City Bakery, NYC

If I could write a love letter to any place in NYC, it would be to the City Bakery. I would tell them that I have loved their organic-ness and out of the box recipes long before it was what everybody else was doing. I would thank them for lifting my mood with their pretzel croissant, and for making a chocolate chip cookie so delicious, its a recipe I aspire to (they offer a vegan version as well!). Their famous hot chocolate with a giant homemade melty marshmallow is so perfectly rich and delicious (and even spicy if you try the cayenne version!) I have shared it over good conversation with a bestie or entirely by myself- which brings me to another reason I heart City Bakery… its a great place to enjoy by yourself, or with a friend. Grab a table, gather lunch or a snack from their delicious, organic and creative food bar, “sweet”, people watch or read, love NY.

City Bakery Choc Chip

One of the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever have!

City Bakery's Pretzel Croissant

City Bakery’s Pretzel Croissant= perfection as is, or bring it home and add brie and proscuitto for the most simple and delicious sandwich ever!

City Bakery Visit Summation: City Bakery’s food bar is delicious for lunch, a light/ early dinner (they close at 7) or a snack… Note: the food bar is a bit pricey since its weighed by the pound so take care as you scoop! Everything is delish but highlights include… Gazpacho & fixin’s, Mac & Cheese, the Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pretzel Croissant, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Cookies… you really can’t go wrong here. Sweet up!


Next up?


Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments! Xo


Easy Jack O’ Lantern Cookies, 2 Ways!

With Halloween just a few days away, I wanted to share two easy ways for decorating the cutest Jack O’ Lantern cookies…

SDB Halloween Doodle Cookies_doodled pumpkins

Pumpkin Doodle Do!

For both versions, bake a batch of pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. Make royal icing in orange (for the pumpkin) and green or brown or both for the pumpkin stem.

blank pumpkin cookies

These are my fave 2 pumpkin shapes, from a vintage Martha by mail cutter set

For the first icing method, ice all the stems first and give them a good 20 minutes or so to set. Next add your Jack O’ Lantern orange icing. Let dry completely- up to 8 hours or overnight. In the meantime, research or doodle some fun Jack O’ Lantern faces on scrap paper.

For the Jack O’Lantern faces on these we are using the doodle method we have been loving so much all year… Once the orange icing is completely dry, use your black food doodler to draw in fun faces!

SDB Halloween Doodle Cookies_doodling faces

Americolor makes a really great black food doodler for this purpose… its a super saturated black. If you are using this food coloring marker, let your cookies set for 30 minutes so the “marker” food dye can settle into the surface of the cookie.

The next method will allow you to put faces on your cookies AND add sanding sugar (extra delicious) in 2 steps. Gather up some Halloween candy- specifically, candy corn and string licorice. M&M’s would be great too. Ice all the stems again and give them a bit longer to dry this time- approx. 2 hours. Once the pumpkin stems are dry outline and fill your pumpkin shape with Jack O” Lantern orange icing. Immediately add candy corn eyes and a candy “O” mouth or snip string licorice to the pumpkin width and lay it down in the icing the natural way it falls. Sprinkle with sanding sugar and let dry.

SDB Halloween Doodle Cookies_licorice mouths

I LOVE the personality of the licorice mouths…

SDB Halloween Doodle Cookies_ candy and fondant

… but the jack O lantern mouths are pretty fun too!

I’m baking up a bunch of these now- some for a client who’s children are going to love them and some for myself! Boo-tiful!

Xo Dani


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Meet Mr. Bones

Nice to meet you! Mwwhahhahhaaaaaa!

The idea of the Mr. Bones cookie has been with me for a long while… last year he popped up in the form of a fabulous cookie cutter that I designed with my friends at coppergifts!

But, back to the beginning… Years ago, when I was a college student at RISD, I fell in love with the holiday that comes right after Halloween, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. I discovered some of these amazing Day of the Dead figurines and dioramas in my favorite store in Providence, RI on Thayer street called OOP, and so began a collecting obsession…

My Dia de Los Muertos Wedding Couple which I bought after we were married

Not only is the artwork amazing but, Day of the Dead is such a beautiful way to celebrate the loved ones we have lost. Families bring feasts, wine, and even TV‘s into the graveyards of their loved ones and spend hours “with them” and their favorite things. It’s very romantic in a lovely, bittersweet way.

SDB skull bracelet

I also always wear a skull bracelet (which has broken a few times- I have just recently restrung it).

Then, of coarse, there are the non Day of the Dead skulls that have popped into my life… on trips, while I was working at Martha, at Halloween last year…

I love this Swarovski encrusted skull that I encountered on a trip to Vegas- so cool!

My cousin Will, with my sock skeleton Mr. Bones (see the how to on

My lil’ neighbor, Lucas last Halloween- I had no idea he was dressing up as Mr. Bones but was so glad to have a matching cookie treat to go with his costume!

I had the pleasure of working on several of Martha Stewart‘s amazing Halloween shows. I will never forget the first time I was with the styling team unpacking boxes and suddenly, emerged a full size, glittered, Mr. Bones! (Yes, Anduin Havens and her team actually call him Mr. Bones- very formal!)

Marthas mr bones

Martha’s Mr. Bones greets guests at her Great Pumpkin Blaze Party

SDB Mr Bones Blog_Laura Skeleton

A few years ago, I did a Halloween cookie workshop at an Art School in Flemington and I especially LOVED this Mr. Bones. He was one of the many adorable decorations Laura the owner of the school decorated with!

That is a LOT of inspiration… and so became Mr. Bones the cookie cutter. This cookie cutter is actually very versatile, as he can also be decorated as a very dapper Zombie, or as My Mummy!

Mr Bones icing sketches

Here’s some inspiration for you… Mr. Bones can also be decorated as a Dapper Zombie or My Mummy!

Check out our Sweet Dani B TV how- to video series featuring the Mr. Bones cookie cutter!

Download our decorating templates here… Mr. Bones Icing Template, Dapper Zombie Icing Template, My Mummy Icing Template

… If you don’t already have one, don’t forget to pick up a Sweet Dani B icing kit, and our amazing decorating tweezer… before you know it, you will be all set to celebrate Halloween with Mr. Bones! SWEET! Mwwwhaamwwwhaa! Xo Dani

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Never Forget

believe flag

This is a flag I painted to hang in our window in the days after September 11, 2001

The last song that played at our wedding on 9/8/01 was NY, NY. As “Old Blue Eyes” sung us out, we sang along, danced, and kicked like the Radio City Rockettes.

For a decade we have “shared” our wedding anniversary with 9/11. It wasn’t the exact day but each year our celebratory wedding anniversary feelings are sobered by the reality of what happened on that awful morning.

KF and I were scheduled to leave for our honeymoon that day. It was the clearest blue September sky day. A car was coming at noon to bring us to the airport- so I flipped on the TV hoping to catch an episode of Martha before we left. The news was already reporting the first plane that had hit and everyone suspecting it was a small freak accident. That is until on live TV, we witnessed another plane fly directly into the other tower. I think I screamed. We watched the news some more then jumped up to head to the park down the street to view it first hand. We live in Weehawken, NJ in the heights section which overlooks part of Hoboken, and has a direct view of the NYC skyline.

When we opened our front door fighter planes were flying over- so low and so loud that we ducked. We walked to the park on Gregory Ave and stood with many of our Weehawken neighbors who cried and watched in horror. How could this happen? Who could hate us this much? Those poor people who did nothing other than, go to work that morning, or get on a plane to fly home.

We came back to the apt to an answering machine full of messages from our friends and family trying to locate us. By now, everyone knew it was terrorism and that our own planes were being used in these attacks and they were worried we were on one of them. After calling everyone back, KF began the calls to cancel our trip. The people in the Italian hotels we were headed to were so kind. As they offered condolences for NY and our country, our trip was cancelled and we were fully refunded. We did not think twice about canceling- we were so devastated for NYC and all it’s families. It’s a city we have loved since birth.

The days that followed were a blur. I painted the above flag and hung it in our window. We attended neighborhood vigils we watched the news endlessly. I volunteered at a Red Cross tent for two nights at ground zero. When did I go back to work? How did we get back to normal? I don’t remember the specifics of that happening.

By some miracle no one we knew directly was hurt but we still cried for the lost. Still today I could think of that day and cry immediately, I woke up this morning and am crying as I type.

Today my friends and I are working on a care package project for the troops. It’s a small way of giving back to the brave soldiers who protect us from the bad guys.

Tonight KF, Spot, Hope and I will go up to our roof and look at the lights- the Trade Center lights that beam into the skyline where the buildings once stood. They are not unlike beacon lights calling to lost superheroes. This day will always be dedicated to them… Not only the brave and courageous policemen and women, firemen and other first responders, but also the people who were sitting at their desks working or on the very top floors getting the restaurant ready for the lunch crowd at Windows on the World, the people at their desks at the Pentagon, and all the people on those planes.

How could we ever forget? We never will.

I love you NY. xoxo Dani



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A Space Themed Galaxy Birthday Party with Martha Stewart

Somewhere in a galaxy far far away…

The Spring issue of Martha Stewart Living features Martha’s grandkid’s “Interstellar” birthday party. I have been lucky enough to be asked to contribute to Jude & Truman’s birthday parties for a few years now (Our animal menagerie cookies from Jude’s 1st birthday are still one of our most popular cookie order requests). The Galaxy theme of this year’s party could not have been more inspiring to me. I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a “little Leia” and I grew up watching those movies on a loop with my brother. As a dedicated Star Wars nerd, my text ringtone sound is “happy R2“.

The invitation to the party featured an adorable sketch of Jude and Truman riding in a saucer like spacecraft. I designed a new cookie cutter based on the sketch and my friends at CopperGifts got right down to work in making this cutter extra amazing. We added a mini Saturn as cute cookie companion.

I iced Jude and Truman into the ship then added stripes, smiles and hair sketch lines using foodoodler food coloring pens.

 Of course party was incredible! Held at MSLO’s headquarters in NYC,  I was excited to duck in and even got permission to take a few photos…

Jude and Truman’s invitation graphic set as signage at the entrance to this amazing party.


Huge inflatable planets!


Coolest party decor ever!


The kids crafted DIY solar systems


Jude and Truman’s Spaceship Cookie Favors included the kiddos in a spacecraft, Saturn, Jupiter and a shooting star cookie. We couldn’t resist adding some extra star candies and some matching M&Ms to the boxes.

What I love about the parties Martha and Alexis design each year, is there’s always something for the kids to learn while they are having fun. At this party, the kids crafted amazing DIY solar systems and they went on a tour of the galaxies in a portable planetarium set up by The solar system cake Alexis baked was especially incredible! See the cake and the rest of the amazing details of this party here.

We have been having lots of fun with these cookie cutters ever since the party and are so excited to share more ideas on how to ice them. I could not resist adding an alien head to complete the set!

Greetings Earthlings.


Alien faces!

We are going to have so much “out of this world” fun with these cookie cutters! Here’s to many more SWEET galaxy adventures! Xo Dani

Spacecraft Cookie Cutter:

Alien Head Cookie Cutter:

Mini Saturn Cookie Cutter:

Shooting Star Set Cookie Cutters:

SweetDaniB Expert Icing Kit:

SweetDaniB Expert Complete Icing Kit: email us at

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @SweetDaniB for the latest cookie photos and videos!

Speaking of cookie fun, here I am delivering some intergalactic cookies to outer space! 😂









Happy December!

Here at SweetDaniB, we are busy with cookies all year ’round but there is nothing quite like the month of December for getting merry and festive. It is THE month everybody seems to be turning not their ovens. Here are the cookies we will decorating all month long…


Photo Credit : Mikel Paige Party concept: Color Pop Events

Bring on the Unicorns! When I teamed up with Color Pop Events to work on a this Lisa Frank inspired Holiday Party I had no idea how much a unicorn cookie tree would be needed by the time the holidays rolled around!

You know we love a good cookie tree and this one features our new Topsy Turvey Tree, our Curly Cue Candy Cane and one of my favorite by CopperGifts- the Unicorn! Use bright colors to decorate like we did here or limit your icing palette to red, green, white with maybe a dash of pink!

At this party we plated up a platter of Rainbow Cloud cookies and Narwhals. The narwhal is one of my new vert favorites and is perfect for this time of year due to its original inspiration factor: The move ELF! (specifically this scene) For die hards, you knew that already!

SDB Narwhal rainbow horn set

Supplies to pick up… jumbo hearts, candy pearls, candy beads (bigger than pearls), googly eyesdisco dust in pixie and gold or silver (or another fun accent color). Of course you will need our SDB Expert Icing Kit and our Heart Applicator Tweezer. If you are new to cookie decorating email us about our new “SDB complete kit” which isn’t listed on our site yet but is available for sale. Contact us here about purchasing this kit which makes a really great gift!

SDB Complete Expert Icing Kit- New!

SDB Complete Expert Icing Kit- New!

In this year where women are taking a bigger stand than ever (right ladies?!), I thought it was about time to feature the character who my bestie Amanda recently dubbed ‘the brains of the operation’… Mrs. Claus! We don’t have a photo of this exact cookie yet but she is inspired by CopperGift’s Grandma cutter and I promise, she will be amazing. We have sized her to perfectly to stand side by side with her man Santa and together they will spread the love all the way through to the new year.

Inspired by this self portrait cookie, which I named "Old Aunt Dan", Mrs. Claus is going to be an amazing cookie to add to your Holiday Cookie Platter!

Inspired by this self portrait cookie, this version which I named “Old Aunt Dan”, Mrs. Claus is going to be an amazing cookie to add to your Holiday Cookie Platter!


For Mrs. Claus cookie you’ll want to pick up candy beads in the pearl white, jimmies, and some silver luster dust. Oh and that cookie she’ll be carrying- thats a jumbo sugar quinn

One last little friend to usher us into a fresh, bright, and “totally normal” New Year… our Happy Troll cookie cutter. This is one I have been wanting to design for a long time, based on those quirky little friends from the 70’s. I always thought these guys would be just amazing with our gnome friends and mushrooms but would also work well with Unicorns and Rainbows! Photos coming soon!!!

Speaking of mushrooms, for those who want to keep it a bit more traditional, here’s my fun cookie take on the yule log…

SDB woodland christmas eve cake

Using our petite fox cutter (we can’t get enough of this little guy!), jumping bunny, mixed size tree cutters and baby mushrooms, all baked on sticks, this is the perfect easy cake for Christmas Eve sweetness! Make it extra easy and buy the cake!

Happy December to all. More Holiday cookie fun to follow! Xo Dani

A 50th Birthday in “the Sticks”

Cheers to 50 years!

Cheers to 50 years!

Fahnestock State Park in Mahopac, NY was the absolutely perfect location and setting for our bestie Tom’s 5oth Birthday Party. My friend Tamara and I have joked for all the years we have been friends that I am the city mouse and she is the country mouse (who insists on living in “the sticks”). We had so much fun setting up this party for Tom even further up “in the sticks”. A beautiful day and love filled celebration followed…

What a gorgeous location!

What a gorgeous location!

SDB 50th bday outdoors_squirrel and choc chip cookie platter

Baked fresh the morning of, I plated up these mini squirrel cookies with my salted dark chocolate chip cookies for the ultimate cookie party platter! (love this quirky little squirrel cutter from IKEA)

Tamara mixed up her world famous G.O.R.P. (good old fashioned raisins and peanuts). We have been enjoying this snack mix at parties for years!

Tamara mixed up her world famous G.O.R.P. (good old fashioned raisins and peanuts). We have been enjoying this snack mix at parties for years!

For the centerpieces, Tamara filled mason jars with vintage photos of Tom and nature related materials.

For the centerpieces, Tamara filled mason jars (you might call them Ball jars) with vintage photos of Tom and nature related materials.

She topped the jar tops with adorable faux bugs and closed them to keep everything secure.

She glued adorable faux bugs to the jar tops and closed them to keep everything secure.

Sparkling Sangria

For refreshments, we made my fave recipe for Sparkling Sangria but substituted grapefruit for the lemon and lime. (get the recipe here)

I loved the way the festive Sangria jar looked next to these real deal Igloo coolers (one filled with water and the other filled with Tom's sister's fresh squeezed lemonade)

I loved the way the festive Sangria jar looked next to these real deal campsite coolers (one filled with water and the other filled with Tom’s sister’s fresh squeezed lemonade)

KF and I designed this custom party logo for Tom and Tamara had it put onto these amazing mason jar glasses which everyone got to take home. The squirrel is a long standing reference to life in the "sticks" and the leiderhosen is our fave reference to Tom's Austrian heritage.

KF and I designed this custom party logo for Tom and Tamara secretly had it designed onto these amazing mason jar glasses which everyone got to take home. The squirrel is a long standing reference to life in the “sticks” and the lederhosen he is wearing is our very fave reference to Tom’s Austrian heritage.



Tam's app game has always been strong... antipasto on sticks (pun not intended but amazing) were a huge hit!

Tam’s app game has always been strong… antipasto on sticks (pun not intended but amazing) were a huge hit! The ravi on the stick reaction was major!

We added a sign with Tom's BDAY hashtag and a bowl of pins for people to wear when they visited the food truck for lunch.

We added a sign with Tom’s Bday hashtag and a bowl of squirrel logo pins for people to wear when they visited the food truck for lunch. 

Above the snack table we rested a chalkboard sign we drew up the night before featuring fun facts about the year Tom was born

Above the snack table we rested a chalkboard sign we drew up the night before featuring fun facts about the year Tom was born

Tom looking out onto the lake just before the party started

Tom looking out onto the lake just before the party started

Extra large jenga was a huge party hit.

Giant Jenga was a huge party hit… 

... as was grabbing lunch at the food truck!

… as was grabbing lunch at the food truck- Greg’s Good Eats! Photo credit: Tamara Dilworth

Guests were also encouraged to check out the amazing park and landscape.

Guests were also encouraged to check out the amazing park and landscape.

Real live moss!

Real live moss! (maybe not the best shoe choice for this… ;))

I was really hoping for a Kermit the frog sighting!

I was really hoping for a Kermit the frog sighting!  

Time to set up the dessert table! Photo Credit: Nicole Boglivi

Time to set up the dessert table! Photo Credit: Nicole Boglivi


CHEERS to 50 years!

CHEERS to 50 years!

Amazing! Photo Credit: Hunter Jones

Amazing! Photo Credit: Hunter Jones  

Amazing candle blowout! Happy Birthday Tom! Here's to another 50 years of amazing friendship, fun adventures and big laughs! All good things always! Xo

Amazing candle blowout! Happy Birthday Tom! Here’s to another 50 years of amazing friendship, fun adventures and big laughs! Lots of love and all good things always! Xo