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For Your Consideration on Small Business Saturday

SDB Small Biz Saturday_Faux Fur Blanket

Stimulating the economy is awesome!

Holiday shopping is upon us and is there any greater stimulus to our economy than post Thanksgiving weekend shopping?! We participated for in the Black Friday madness yesterday for about an hour when we stopped in West Elm. I’ve had my eye on one of their faux fur blankets and not only did we get a great deal but Hope and Spot could not have been happier with the purchase.

Today is Small Business Saturday an it  a very important day to us! Get out there and support small business in your area… maybe it’s your favorite bread bakery in Hoboken for seeded semolina (Antique) or organic food store for a grass fed beef or amazing produce (Organic Basic Food ) or your local news stand to pick up all the amazing and inspiring December issues (especially Real Simplemagazine)!

SDB Small Biz Saturday_Jersey Strong

These cookies are “Jersey Strong”! All profits are going to charities helping to rebuild the Jersey Shore… more about these this week!

If you are local to Summit, NJ be sure to stop in and see our friend, Donna at Sweet Nothing’s! Not only is this an amazing local small business to support, but we are excited to announce that our Jersey Strong cookie will be sold here! All profits are going to charities helping to restore and rebuild the Jersey Shore!

SDB Small Biz Saturday_Sweet Nothings

Small Business owner (and fellow Jersey Girl), Donna Puzella, took a hit to her store awning during hurricane Sandy but felt it was a minor setback compared to what others are going through. She could not be happier to be selling our “Jersey Strong” cookies in her shop Sweet Nothings!

With the holidays just around the corner, it could not be a more perfect time to stock up on your Christmas cookie Supplies so, for your consideration, here’s our top picks to get you started, based on the cookies we will be working on this season, in a…

Clickable Shopping list!

Sweet Dani B Expert Icing Kit

Sweet Dani B Heart Applicator Tweezer

Sweet Dani B Santa Cutter (look for our how to video coming soon to SweetDaniB TV!)

Simple Tree Cookie Cutter (Real Simple how to video here)

Ornament Cookie Cutter (Real Simple how to video here)

Snowflake Cookie Cutter

Mitten Cookie Cutter

Check out the Real Simple website and December issue for more cookies, how to’s and where to buy all the amazing decorating supplies!

Gingerbread Man (How to video and recipe coming soon to MarthaStewart.com)

Americolor Gel Paste Royal Icing Coloring

Happy Small Business Saturday… and if you don’t get shopping with us today, there’s always Cyber Monday! 🙂

Happy Saturday! xo Dani


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A Studio Tour with Swirly Designs

It started with this photo posted on Facebook and my New Year’s Resolution to “take bigger bites” in business…

SDB Swirly Designs_Valentine_cookies

I LOVED how Swirly Designs captured the cookie look in these adorable Valentine ornaments!

I had always loved the idea of making some of my cookie designs into a more permanent keepsake. Over the years many people have told me stories of trying to shellac my cookies to save them (it doesn’t work as the shellac dissolves the royal icing and eventually the cookie itself). Even for my own purposes, I’ll keep a cookie ornament for as long as it lasts but eventually it will fade, or the icing will fall off, or it will break and even if it does last, after several years they tend to get kind of smelly (the smell is the aging butter). Apparently we were not the only ones thinking this would be a cute idea… A few years ago I discovered a wholesale company had stolen four of my cookie designs directly from the pages of Martha Stewart Living and made them into Christmas ornaments. After a long and frustrating year of trying to pursue it, we decided to move away from litigation and move forward with developing this idea on our own. Some people might call it Karma, but shortly after we made the decision to move on, I saw Swirly Designs‘ Valentine’s day clay cookie ornaments posted on Facebook and reached out to them. As we chatted through email, a new partnership was born!

SDB Swirly Designs_Snowman Cheer

I adore the whimsical style of Swirly Design’s work! Each ornament is hand crafted with love and care that really shines (and sparkles) through!

I was super excited to meet Paul and Lianne, the sweet and adorable married couple behind Swirly Designs. We were “in the neighborhood” when we attended RISD weekend so KF and I drove a little farther north to MA, for an amazing studio tour…

SDB Swirly Designs_Tree at front door

This amazing festive tree covered with Swirly ornaments greeted us at the front door… We’d soon find, like myself, Paul & Lianne are collectors of various amazing tabletop trees…

SDB Swirly Designs_Halloween Trees 3

Halloween is a very inspiring Holiday for most artists… here are a few of Paul & Lianne’s artfully hand crafted Halloween trees with past and current ornaments! Amazing!

SDB Swirly Designs_snowman streamer tree

This snowman streamer tree is so fun! Also, note the neat arrangement of their Martha Stewart craft punches- wow!

SDB Swirly Designs_Valentine Trees

This amazing Valentine tree featured cupcake angels made with cupcake liner skirts. Glittery snowpeople surround the base. The smaller tree holds the Valentine cookie ornaments that had caught my eye on Facebook!

SDB Swirly Designs_Group Shot

Here I am with Lianne and Paul in their amazingly organized studio! I love the paint shelf behind us- the arrangement of paint jars are both functional and beautiful!

SDB Swirly Designs_craft supplies

Like myself, they have pretty much every type of glitter on the market!

SDB Swirly Designs_Paul w sketchbook

Paul is an Illustrator and Lianne- a graphic artist… they met in design school! Here Paul holds one of his amazing sketchbooks!

SDB Swirly Designs_sketchbook color

I love, love, love Paul’s illustration style! So sweet and whimsical!

SDB Swirly Designs_Easter Choc Bunny

The chocolate bunny in his sketchbook brought to life!

SDB Swirly Designs_Signed Ornament

After the tour, we did have some business to take care of… each limited edition, handcrafted “gingerbread” ornament will be signed by both myself and Swirly… We are so excited to reveal these designs on November 23rd!

As a parting gift, Paul & Lianne invited us to pick out some ornaments from their current Halloween line…

SDB Swirly Designs_DBF Swirly Tree

I was so excited to set up my own Halloween tree! I can’t decide if the “ravioli ghost” (my nickname for it) or the crow & skull birdcage is my favorite… I love every one of these ornaments! I added a bat cookie to this tree (can you find it?) and will be adding more cookies as we get closer for our Halloween guests to enjoy…

Thanks to Paul and Lianne for being such gracious hosts… We loved seeing where they work and are so excited to share our joint ornament project with everyone! To get your own Swirly ghosts and other fun Halloween ornaments, check out their current Halloween line. Our two limited edition Holiday ornaments will be revealed with the entire Swirly Designs 2012 Holiday line on November 23rd! I can hardly wait- Life is Sweet!  Xo Dani


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