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I loved chatting with the foodies at Foodie Direct about the road to being a cookie expert, yellow orange egg yolks, 100 cookie wedding cakes and sort-of wine snobbery… check out our yummy interview here! ❤️



I am an ever “onward and upward” sort of person but there’s just something about moving that takes it out of me. Its something about seeing a totally empty space where all of your stuff and memories used to be. And while its definitely a good thing that I was essentially forced to edit out at least 1/3 of my studio belongings (AKA: craft material hoarding) I was still sad to see it go.

All packed up!

All packed up!

The owners of my studio in Union City are a wonderful older Italian couple- Nick and Anna. They are the kind of great people that make up this area of NJ. They love their family and their heritage and they make the best of “city living”. Nick has a beautiful garden out back where he grows everything from flowers to vegetables and, of coarse, Anna is an amazing cook. When Nick retired, they traveled the world. They picked up trinkets from each place and decorated their apartment with them. These days they are busy participating in community activities, going to dances, spending time with children and grandchildren… they are the kind of couple you want to be when you grow up.

Cookie and Tidbits Bowl

Cookie and Tidbits Bowl

Early on in my renting from them, I spied this kooky cookie bowl at one of the garage sales Nick sets up with his sister practically every spring to fall weekend. When I asked him about it he told me he made it in his ceramics class. Of coarse I had to have it and he gave it to me free of charge. To make sure it stayed intact, it was one of the last things I packed up when I left. With it, I will take all I learned in the years I was there… Some late, late nights, some early, early mornings… lots about cookies and my business, even more about life.

Here I am with our amazingly talented contractor, Cook, in my new space

Here I am with our amazingly talented contractor, Cook, in my new space in Ocean Grove, NJ

So, the Jersey Shore love story continues… I’m looking forward to being able to walk Spot and Hope around Wesley Lake or up to the beach on our lunch breaks. When it finally gets warm out, “Summer Mondays” will definitely be in order. Ocean Grove and Asbury Park are amazing little shore city/ towns and I’m excited to be here. I am super excited for our upcoming cookie workshop which will be held in one of our favorite places in Asbury Park, Porta. Once I get unpacked it will be much easier get back to the business of “pie in the sky” outlooks but as it does with all moving on and change, it takes a bit of time… and that time I am grateful for.  Xo Dani

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