Chocolate Ganache Bunny in Egg Cookies



As a long time chocolate lover, I have been wanting to experiment with using ganache as cookie icing. Since chocolate bunnies and Easter go together like milk and cookies, this Easter season seemed like the perfect time to try it! Use your favorite chocolate cookie dough recipe our get ours here. Our signature bunny in egg cookie cutter (we used the large one here) is one of my very favorites but any bunny and or egg cookie cutter will do!

While your cookies are cooling… SDB Chocolate Ganache Easter Bunnies and Egg Cookies_2 baked chocolate cookies

…make the ganache using one cup of chocolate chips (I mixed dark and semi sweet chocolate) with one cup of heavy cream…

                                                                                                                                                              SDB Chocolate Ganache Easter Bunnies and Egg Cookies_3 make the ganache

Pour ganache into a bowl to cool for at least one hour.

Make your “quick royal icing” by mixing one cup of confectioners sugar with about 4 tablespoons of heavy cream. You could also use whole milk or water but the cream is super delish and a great compliment to the chocolate!

SDB Chocolate Ganache Easter Bunnies and Egg Cookies_6 make quick royal icing

Both icing consistencies should be similar to craft glue. Thin out royal icing as needed using a bit of water or cream. Thin out the ganache by warming your icing bottle for 3 to 5 seconds in the microwave.

SDB Chocolate Ganache Easter Bunny in Egg Cookies_7 icing consistancy

Gather your supplies… I wanted to keep these cookies black and white to enhance the chocolate theme. I used cream jellybeans and champagne bubble gumdrops as eyes and nose. Chocolate sprinkles make my bunny look fuzzy. (Yes!)

SDB Chocolate Ganache Easter Bunnies and Egg Cookies_8 icing supplies

After filling your SDB icing bottles, be sure to cover your icing bowls with plastic wrap so they don’t dry out. Outline and fill your bunny with ganache. (For our SweetDaniB TV how-to video on icing our bunny in egg cookie click here).

SDB Chocolate Ganache Easter Bunnies and Egg Cookies_10 add choc sprinkles

Let the bunny half of the cookie settle for a bit then outline and fill the egg portion of the cookie with the white royal icing. Using the ganache, draw horizontal stripes following the curved egg shape across the lower egg part of the cookie. Use a toothpick to drag a line from the center top to center lower egg. Repeat on left and right sides. To watch a how-to video on this icing technique, called marbleizing, click here.

SDB Chocolate Ganache Easter Bunnies and Egg Cookies_11 egg icing marbelized pull thru

Let dry and settle overnight. Note: These cookies will never dry as solid as regular royal icing so consider using a clear top box and parchment paper to package them. Or even better, plate them up for your dessert buffet and serve with cold milk and festive straws!

SDB Chocolate Ganache Easter Bunnies and Egg Cookies sun candy beauty 1 LR

The combination of the chocolate cookie and the soft chocolate ganache is so yum. If you are looking for an Easter treat that is fit for foodies and chocolate lovers alike hop to it and get baking these… they are totally EGGCELLENT! Xo Dani

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