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Valentines Day Cookie Roundup

SDB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Collage Overview by SweetDaniB

I have been spreading the cookie Valentine’s Day and/ or LOVE Day- love for years now… possibly even longer than I have been designing Christmas cookies! Since there are so many options, I thought I’d do a little run through of cookies we have done and cookies we plan to do… there are just so many options to spread the love this year and I hope everybody is inspired to join in the cookie fun as we say!

For our very first Valentine’s cookie segment on The Martha Stewart Show, I decorated a chocolate Love Bug cookie. Check out the video here and get the recipe for our chocolate cookie love bug cutouts. Get the lovebug cookie cutter here.

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Ladybug Love Bug Cookies
My friend and fellow stylist Kelli Bishop styled this cookie platter at the time of my segment. All edible and totally delish!

The following year we decorated Conversation Heart Cookies using fondant letters or food coloring markers. Check out that segment here. These are fun to do because they are simple but there are so many options as far as candy borders and colors. Our favorite heart is the bubble heart and our mini bubble heart but there are so many great heart cutters out there… check out some of our other fave heart cutters here. The cutters we used to cut out the fondant letters is a small tin set- get it here.

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Conversation hearts
SWEET! Conversation hearts!

The following year on our Martha’s Valentine’s Ideas Show, about midway through our lovebird owls segment, Martha told me to look directly into the camera and say the name of my website so people could easily order our SDB Expert Icing kit. It was a gamechanger for me! That was the year we first partnered with CopperGifts and began selling our owl cookie cutter. See my lovebird owl segment with Martha here and the follow up decorating how-to-ice video we did for our youtube channel SweetDaniB TV. Get our signature owl cookie cutter here.

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Lovebird Owl Cookies Martha Stewart Show
The set looked so amazing when friend and stylist Kait Taylor used my lovebird cookies to decorate the entire kitchen including these owl friends perched in the window on set!

The following year we debuted our Gnomi cookie cutter on the Martha Show. Martha had fun with this cookie and re-designed her cookie’s dress to be strapless. Super glam! Check out the Gnomi segment here and our behind the scenes video blog on how much fun we had shooting that segment! Get Gnome and Gnomi cookie cutters here. We also have a mini set of the Gnome couple which are super cute to decorate and add to a giant heart cookie.

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Gnomi inspired by Martha Stewart

I also love the idea of a cookie on a stick as a plant accessory Valentine. We decorated the set with these for our Martha Gnomi segment. See our SweetDaniB TV youtube how-to here.

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Cookie Plant Valentine
Cookie on a stick, in a plant. Genius! More gorgeous set decoration by Kait Taylor!

The following year was the epic year of spreading love with our Hug Monster cookie and the Love Angel. These will always be two of my very favorite cookie cutters. Get the hug monster here and the Love Angel here. We are also debuting our baby hug monster cookie cutter this year. Get it here.

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Hug Monster
I always ask friends and clients to send photos of hug monsters for hugs! Amazing result! Look at all this love spreading! Our hug monster hashtags are #sdbhugmonster and #hugitout


SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Love Angel Cookies
Bestie Love Angels! She looks a little bit different every year… can’t wait to decorate the 2016 version!

Heartman is a simple idea made fabulous and hilarious by skinny legs and googly eyes! This cookie cutter was based on a sketch that I always used to doodle that KF suggested I make into a cookie cutter. We had such a fun time putting him on display on the Meredith Vieria show. Check out our Meredith Show Valentine Ideas here

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Heart Man
Heartman! So triumphant about love!

I have always LOVED animal Valentines. Even though Foxy Fox is a great cookie cutter for all year round, we especially love her for Love Day! We are also decorating our petite jumping fox cookie this year for Valentines. We will ice him diorama style attached to a giant heart. “You’re a Fox!” Get our original Foxy Fox cookie cutter here and the jumping version here.

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Fox Cookie
You’re a fox!

In keeping up with the woodland animal theme we will also be icing our hopping bunny and mini owls to layer onto a giant heart. “SomeBunny Loves You”!  Check out the stacked Lovebird Diorama cookie we made last year that inspired these cookies. Stay tuned for more Valentine diorama cookies!

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup bunny heart diorama
Valentine Dioramas… the SWEET possibilities are endless!

We have also designed a fun and fluffy companion to go with our favorite sheep cookie cutter. The SDB Smiling Llama! (Thanks to Beth at CopperGifts for the amazing name!) We will be decorating him with mini mini marshmallows or sprinkles and our signature heart at chest and he is going to be the sweetest companion for our signature sheep cookie! Smiling Llama coming soon!

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup Sheep
I heart Ewe!

Sugar Skull cookies were huge for us last year and our first order for 2016! I have been a fan of Dia de los Muertos for years and years and have dressed up in the theme of Day of the Dead  for a few years now. I could not resist making a Valentine version because true love is forever and ever! Get the skull cookie cutter here.

SweetDaniB Valentines Day Cookie Roundup
And ever.

There is not greater love, than the love of food. – George Sinclair This quote hangs in my own kitchen and this year we were inspired by Cecelia’s birthday party to expand on our foodie love theme. We will be decorating a glass of wine, a donut, and a dirty martini…. but MOST IMPORTANTLY we will be debuting and decorating a pizza cookie! YES!!! Get the pizza cookie cutter here and don’t forget the basil, your SDB Expert Icing Kit and Heart Applicator decorating tweezer! Inspiration and how-to-ice video coming soon!

Valentines Day Cookie Roundup
Foodie love is True Love!

Hope our LOVE DAY Valentine roundup helps you decide what sweet cookies you’d like to make for your sweets this year! If you’d rather decorate some of these amazing cookies with us, or are looking for a fun and unique activity or date idea for Valentine’s Day, check out the three fun and fabulous Valentine’s Cookie Workshops we will be hosting come February! Woohoo!

Spreading the love is SWEET! Love you, Love Day! Xo Dani

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