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Always a Good Year

Happy 2016! Woohoo!
Happy 2016! Woohoo!

Happy new year! 2015 was a good year for me… coined “my year of yes” (me and Shonda Rhimes apparently!), I not only kept busy with cookie orders and workshops, but closed out the year busiest I have ever been. Thats a lot of love spreading and I enjoyed every minute! As KF put it, another year we are here, enjoying life, laughing and having fun with the ones we love is “always a good year”.

The irony of the way my last cookie set of the year turned out, however, was not lost on me. I spied this adorable Baby New Year cookie on CopperGifts website right after Christmas. Knowing it would be tight to decorate in time, I ordered it anyway. If you look closely you can see the evidence of how many times I scraped this cookie. As adorable and fun as the shape is, technically it was such a challenge! I declared it a “fail” around 12am on New Year’s Eve eve and vowed to master it by next season. Maybe even a how-to-ice video will be in order depending on how the final turns out (but this is not it)!

Baby New Year Cookie- Not a full fail but not quite there yet.
Baby New Year Cookie- Not a full fail but not quite there yet. Back to the drawing board!

With Baby New Year I also ordered this NYE party clock. Super fun, but alas, I dropped it while placing on drying rack!! It could use some fine tuning as well.

Wishing you love in this new year! And no broken cookies!
Midnight strikes and its time to party! OR drop your cookie and crack it!

At about 1am on New Year’s Eve eve, I got the message. I had decorated enough cookies in 2015. Time to call it a year! Both my gingermen and hug monster cookies learned how to hug (thanks to Food52 for the inspiration) and 1 out of 3 is not bad!


As I look out onto the canvas of a blank new year I could not be more excited. Our goal list is set and I can’t wait to see what sweetness is on the horizon. Thank you for all of the support and love you showed us in 2015! I know 2016 will be even more sweet! HUGS and HAPPY happy new year! Life is sweet! Xoxo Dani

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