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Cookie Critters & Flowers Ball Jar Centerpieces

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Happy Spring! Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Spring! Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring has Sprung! Mother’s Day is just around the corner. What a perfect time to break out the various ball jars that have been collecting in your cabinet and make these adorable centerpieces!

SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_1 baking supplies cutters candy
We used a mix of cutters here… most from CopperGifts but a few mixed in from the craft store.

Supplies: flower and animal cookie cutters, mason or ball jars (which do you call them?), rock chocolate candy (order here or if you have a Wegmans food store near you, they carry it- and they have an epic candy aisle), chocolate sprinkles and or chocolate covered raisins (dark is my fave!), toothpicks, wood skewers (I used 8″ but you can always trim them down with a floral or wire clipper), sugar cookie cutout dough, royal icing and food coloring and our SDB Expert Icing Kit.

SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_2 bake cookies on sticks
Bake your cookies on “sticks”. For the taller and larger cookies I used an 8 inch skewer. For the smaller, lower animals I used toothpicks.


SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_3 sprinkle black eyed susan
To make almost any petal cookie look like a sunflower or black eyed susan, ice it yellow then add a big, round brown center in royal icing then add chocolate sprinkles.


SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_4 ice cookie backs
If you are going to be using these at the center of your table, you may want to consider icing the backs and fronts of your cookies. It takes extra time but looks really amazing and then everybody has the perfect view!


SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_ 6 sprinkle raisinette dirt
While your cookies are drying prep the ball jars with “dirt”. We used the rest of our chocolate sprinkles and some dark chocolate covered raisins.


SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_ 6 pick out good rock candies
These rock chocolates are so amazing. Some look so real- I pick through and put the really good ones off to the side to use as toppers and as table sprinkles.


SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_ 9 fill in with candy rocks
Add your rocks to the jars, arrange your flowers and animals, then top with extra amazing rocks.


SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_ 10 arrange cookies in ball jars
Wheeeeee its SPRING!


SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_11 sprinkle table with candy rocks
For a finishing touch to any table, I like to add a sprinkle of something… in this case I used the candy rocks.


SDB Mothers Day Cookie Ball Jars_ 12 Spring ball jar cookie centerpieces
There’s no way I can pick a favorite! They all make me smile!

If you are decorating with and serving these for Mother’s Day, get your jars ready with the candy the night before and close the lids. Keep your flowers and critters on sticks in an airtight tupperware and stick them into the jars right before everyone comes over. When you serve dessert, don’t forget to welcome everybody to munch on the centerpieces as well! YES!!! Life is Sweet! Xo Dani

PS. For a similar look that includes a delish dirt pie dessert for all, check out our Cookie Flower Pot Pies on SweetDaniB TV…



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