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Happy New Year!

Woohoo! A new year!
Woohoo! A new year!

I have no explanation as to why balloons make me so happy. Maybe its a childhood thing, or perhaps its the idea of floating around on a string, but hand me a balloon and I can’t help but smile big.

Just after midnight... Asbury Park, NJ
New Years Eve in Asbury Park, NJ… Just after midnight (so technically New Years Day). My feet were killing me and it was freezing but… balloons! YES!!! Photo by KF.

On this Monday January 5th, we are feeling well rested and happy to be back to it. We are greatful to have had a super busy December (in case you missed it, check out our recap here) and we rang in the New Year with friends, family, Yetis, hug monsters, cookie workshops, and balloons… speaking of which, I acquired these two amazing red balloons after ringing in the New Year at our of our fave restaurants in Asbury Park, NJ. I guess I’m not the only one inspired by balloons- the restaurant, named Pascale & Sabine is named after the movie The Red Balloon which has a magical ending.

SDB 2015 Red Balloon_NYE Yeti Cookie
This month we will happily be keeping sweet company with Yeti’s and Hug Monsters… but we have lots of new cookie and craft ideas up our sleeves too!

Happy 2015! Wishing you hugs, love, all good things and lots of balloons! Xo Dani


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  • Yes!!! Is love balloons, especially red balloons. Also, I received my hug monster cookie cutter and I’m so excited to make my first batch! I think I’ll do a test run this weekend.

  • Balloons are the best! Who could NOT smile about a balloon! Also, I love the sparkly bag you’re carrying in your NYE photo…care to share what it is? 🙂