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Cookie Me Elmo

Elmo loves you!
Elmo loves you!

Its funny how life happens sometimes… approximately one month after I made my personal declaration that I would ‘no longer be taking orders for licensed character cookies’, did I find myself face to face with Martha Stewart telling me about her plans for the Elmo themed birthday party she and Alexis were putting together for her granddaughter, Jude.

It’s not that I have anything against Elmo. In fact, I love him! I appreciate his positive outlook, his dancing and his overall approach to life. I have been lifelong, dedicated fan of Sesame Street and meeting THE Elmo was one of my best ever moments…

SDB Elmo Cookie Blog_Dani Fiori 2009 red carpet daytime emmy with Elmo
As if it was not amazing enough to win an Emmy in 2009 (with the amazing Art Department of The Martha Stewart Show), I also got to meet Elmo on the red carpet that night! Amazing and still very surreal.

But, as many other bakers and cookiers will tell you, character cookies and cakes are a specific category of baking. For one, not all owners of these licensed characters appreciate baked goods being sold, copied from their original designs. In addition, it takes a great amount of precision and often, layers of icing to get these characters to look like themselves. In the cookie business, layers of icing equals time and time equals money and then, I circle back to the weirdness of getting paid for someone else’s original design. Its a bit of a tough call for us celebration designers.

With that said, Martha has a long and amazing history with Sesame Street and when she calls, one happily goes with it! It was a pleasure to create these Elmo cookies for Jude Stewart’s birthday party. Truly a labor of love, this cookie version of Elmo’s adorable face features a “3D” chocolate cookie nose and M&M eyeballs. We used red jimmies on some and coarse red sanding sugar on the others to emulate his adorable fuzziness.

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living, March 2014
Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living, March 2014

From Alexis’ beautiful and healthy snacks, to the amazing cake by Ron Ben-Israel, to having the muppet himself in attendance, the photos from the party (featured in the March issue of Living) prove that no one throws a party quite like Martha. We were so honored to be a part of it. Love you, Elmo!  Xo Dani

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