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Paper Plate Shark Hats and a Shark Cookie Sundae

Shark Hats waiting to party!
Shark Hats waiting to party!

Sure, Shark Week is practically over but it’s never too late to share a great craft! I made these hilarious paper plate shark jaws party hats for KFs birthday candle blowout…

These hats were a big hit at KF's birthday party!
Carzy and slightly chic, these hats were a big hit at KF’s birthday party!

Inspired by the blog, Dollar Store Crafts, I took the idea of making paper plate shark jaws and changed it up a bit.  Kind of like making those cut out snowflakes at Christmas… it’s a little addictive!

SDB Shark Week Fun 2013_jaws paper plate process
Using a smaller size “cheap paper plate”, fold plate in 1/2, then cut in a small 1/2 moon shape. Next cut in the triangle teeth. They do not have to be uniform- shark’s teeth certainly are not! Lastly add the jaw shape to the sides and top.
Spot Fiori loves this project!
Spot Fiori loves this project!

I added a large dot of glue about 2 inches down from each paper hat and stuck them on. I also found the paper plate jaws to be fun for decorating… I think they would make an excellent “HAPPY SHARK WEEK” banner as well!

Très chic!
Très chic!

It was a great week of pretty terrifying shark television so I had to top it off with a fun dessert inspired by KF’s two favorites…

To ice these mini sharks, I used the same method as the smiling sharks, only I made them frowning. Those sharks in Sharknado were extra angry and thats what I was going for...
AIR JAWS: To ice these mini sharks for this Air Jaws cookie scene, I used the same method as the smiling sharks, only I made them frowning. CopperGifts wave cookie cutter is so much fun!
…and SHARKNADO! Made with CopperGifts tornado cookie cutter and mini sharks… YES!!!

I hope you had a fantastic, frightening, deliciously sweet SHARK WEEK! Until next year… (cue the music!)  Xo Dani

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