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Love Is Love

Yesterday was a historic day and love was the victor. In looking for a photo or image to post I came across this wedding cookie collage that I created years ago for our very first website.

SDB Wedding Collage Page

I have never thought twice when two grooms or two brides ordered a cake topper or perfect pair cookie favor because love is love and I have always believed that. How wonderful that any two people are able to find each other in this crazy world! How amazing to have a hand to hold as we walk through life!

Tonight I’m catering a sweet event in downtown Asbury Park for my friend and favorite video/ film director Mike Boylan. I baked all night and when it came time to ice these little heart cookies I just could not help myself.

Love is Love
Love is Love

I’m always rooting for you, love, and its a sweet, sweet day when you prevail. Congratulations to all who have been waiting. Wishing you all good things and lots of love!  Xo Dani


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