Miley the Bulldog Cookie

SDB Custom Bulldog Cookie_Miley and Snowflakes

Hi there, I’m Miley!

I was super excited to have such a sweet assignment as my first cookie job of 2013… A few months ago I was contacted by Maria and Kelly of Ritzy Bee Events. They asked me if I could create a custom wedding favor based on one of their engaged client couple’s “furry beloved”, Miley the bulldog. Of course I was happy to oblige!

SDB Custom Bulldog Cookie_Heather Ryan Miley

Bride-to-Be: Heather & Groom-to-Be: Ryan pose with the adorable Miley. If you are a baseball fan, you might recognize Ryan… he is Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals!        Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Everyone knows I am totally obsessed with my own dogs, Spot & Hope Fiori, so I feel a special kinship with anyone who feels the same way about their furry family members!

SDB Custom Bulldog Cookie_Spot Xmas Tree

A few Christmas‘ ago I made these Spot Fiori cookie favors for our Holiday Party

SDB Custom Bulldog Cookie_Hopey Snowglobe

Since they developed a special bond, I made this custom Hope Fiori snow globe for KF last Christmas

Back to Miley… I was provided with this amazing photo reference from Heather and Ryan’s engagement photos shot by Abby Jiu Photography.

SDB Custom Bulldog Cookie_Miley photos

Miley wears a signature leather brown collar with silver tag… I studied the photos for a while to figure out what else would give the cookie her distinct look

In the past I’ve used sanding sugar or tried to mock up fur with icing strokes but this time I decided a less was more approach would be best. After all, what makes Miley extra adorable is her smooth fur, tan ear and little touch of pink at the other ear… I also noted that her eyes and nose should play off each other size wise. I played around with the adding a mouth but in the end decided that the large, brown M&M nose and small piped on eyes captured her perfectly.

SDB Custom Bulldog Cookie_packaged

We added a teenie chocolate snowflake cookie to each Miley box to add some sparkle & winter whimsy!

Miley the Bulldog cookie success! I smiled the entire time I packaged these and was thrilled to hear that everyone loved them too.

Congratulations and All Good Things to Heather, Ryan & Miley! Thanks to Ritzy Bee for starting off our cookie calendar year in such an extra sweet way!  Xo Dani


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