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The Lake Katonah Holiday Craft Fair

Craft Fair Season is in full swing! After the hubbub of Renegade Craft Fair, we thought it would be fun to check out a smaller, quaint craft fair. The Lake Katonah Craft Fair was just that. It was held in the clubhouse situated on beautiful Lake Katonah. Here are some photos from a very fun and festive day!

SDB Gnome cookie in fromt of Lake Katonah Clubhouse
I brought some Holiday Gnome cookies with me and this guy decided to do some exploring. Thats the Lake Katonah club house in the background.
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Dani and Tamara at Table
Tamara and I shared a table which always makes the day fun and interesting
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Tamaras felted acorns and holly berry pins
Tam sold her adorable felted acorn ornaments, brooches, holly berry pins and snow people- all make great gifts and were very popular with shoppers
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Sweet Dani B cookies for sale
Its always hard to narrow down holiday cookies to sell because there are so many fun shapes! I baked an assortment of Santas, Gnomes, Gnomis, winter animals, and ornaments.
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Nikki Elkins Lucy and Will
Early on we saw that the penguin would be a big seller at this fair… Nikki Elkins (kitchen manager from the Martha show) stopped by with her adorable kiddos, Lucy and Will. Will could not wait to eat his penguin!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_fresh donuts served all day
Speaking of snacking, fresh donuts were prepared throughout the day for the bake sale table…
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Alicia Condon provided the bake sale table with fresh donuts all day
I found Alicia Condon making these amazing donuts in the club house kitchen… she said the recipe she was using (by Martha Stewart) was most reliable and always delicious! After extensive taste testing, we wholeheartedly agree!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Tamara Martha Dani
Imagine our surprise when Martha stopped by! I sent her a flier since she lives down the road and she decided to pop in while running her morning errands.
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Carlos and GK
When I heard Martha’s dogs were in the car, I had to go say hi. GK has grown so much since I last saw him on the set of the Martha Stewart Show! He is very huggable.
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Jane Turner
Back inside, Jane Turner was selling her amazing books and matching merchandise. Her illustrations are just so sweet!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Dog beds by pedbedsheetsonline_com
The dog beds, shirts, and other items by were very nicely made… many people also wanted to buy this adorable dog prop!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Mason Jar candles
This young entrepreneur was doing very well selling his mason jar candles!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_birchwood reindeer
I have always LOVED these rustic birchwood reindeer! If I didn’t already have 2, I would have bought these!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Ceramics by Stephanie Mear
The animal illustrations on these ceramics by Stephanie Mear are whimsical and adorable!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Kathleen Anderson art
Objects, quilts, and eclectic art by Kathleen Anderson
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Silver works and jewelry by shopAtreyi_com
Beautiful and elegant silver works and jewelry by
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Martha Talburt portrait artist
It was amazing to watch portrait artist, Martha Talburt, in action! She works very quickly yet her drawing style is detailed and beautiful.
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Tereza selling crafts with sister and mom
Crafter, blogger and collector Tereza d’Andrade of was excited to be selling with her sister-in-law and mother- what a sweet family!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Upcycled necklaces by Tanklime Beaded Jewelry by Alicia Simon
Hip, upcycled necklaces by Tanklime and fun, beaded jewelry by Alicia Simon
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Glass ornamnets
The display for these pretty glass ornaments was just perfect with a view out to Lake Katonah
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Jelly donuts
Did I mention there were fresh donuts served all day? These were jelly!
SDB Lake Katonah Craft Fair_Gnome cookie on Log
After a lovely day of selling, we took a moment to admire the beautiful Lake Katonah and were off!

Thanks to organizers Joan Roth and Wendy Rice for a great gathering and a fun day of selling. Tis the season and Merry Merry!  Xo Dani




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