Our Favorite Cookies of 2012

I love, love, love a good countdown list! Looking back, summing it up, looking ahead… We were so very lucky to be super busy with cookie making this year and as a result, many new designs blossomed and some older designs evolved… Here’s a roundup of my favorite cookies that we worked on in 2012!

SDB Fave cookies 12_Gnomi on Martha

Gnomi enjoying her 15 minutes on set at the Martha Show, February 2012

We debuted our Gnomi cookie on the Martha show in February and we have had fun with Mr. & Mrs. Gnome ever since!

SDB Fave cookies 12_gnomes hit the beach

By the time summer rolled around, Gnome and Gnomi donned their swimsuits and hit the beach… and somebody forgot the sunblock!

SDB fave cookies 12_gnome gnomi deck the halls

…by the time December rolled around I started seeing that Gnome & Gnomi’s cookie adventures might be inspired more by real life than I had realized!

SDB Fave cookies 12_swimmers

Speaking of “real life”, these swimmer cookies, inspired by the real life antics of Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte in Vegas were a big hit in on our SDB Facebook page

SDB Fave cookies 12_Clam and shells cookie box

Always inspired by the summer and the beach, our shell cookie cutters arrived just in time to make this birthday cookie box for Martha Stewart!

SDB Fave cookies 12_clams

…and while we adore all our shell cookies, these mini clams really stole the show!

SDB Fave cookies 12_Rainbow and cloud

Speaking of our shell cookie cutter, this design was inspired by a fan who who suggested our swirly shell cookie cutter looks like a rainbow and cloud. This cookie makes me smile.

SDB Fave cookies 12_jaws cupcake toppers

With KF having a summer birthday and being a huge fan of sharks and JAWS, every year we try to come up with a new sweet shark idea… these terrifying cookies emerged from delicious peanut butter iced cupcakes made by our friend Janine

SDB Fave cookies 12_construction cookies

We began tinkering around with our tool cookie cutters right around Father’s Day. I was really happy to find that these cookies became a popular party theme for boy’s birthday parties! I esp loved how Missy at Pink Pistachio used them for her son’s birthday picnic!

SDB Fave cookies 12_Little doll cookies

This doll cookie cutter stole my heart and I loved the two doll themed cookie favors we did with it- one based on paper dolls for a baby shower and Dahlia’s first doll!

SDB Fave cookies 12_Milk and cookies

I became a little obsessed with these sugar googly eyes after I used them on this milk bottle cookie that I designed for my friend, Carrie’s baby shower…

SDB Fave cookies 12_Bette donuts cookies

Suddenly, all sorts of cookies were staring back at me like these fun cookie favors we did for “little Bette donuts“…

SDB Fave cookies 12_Candy Corn

We also had fun adding eyes to our candy corn cookies! SWEET! (I def prefer the cookie version to real candy corn)

SDB Fave cookies 12_Jude-perry-st-animal menagerie cookies
I have always loved icing animal cookies! They have been a super popular cookie favor for baby showers and birthday parties for years! The ones we created for Martha’s Granddaughter, Jude’s, 1st birthday took our animal menagerie to the next level!

SDB Fave cookies 12_DBF mustache at RISD

Need I say anything more than “MUSTACHES!”? We had tons of sweet fun with our mustache on stick cookies this year and topped it off at the RISD Sale and the Renegade Craft fair which happend to fall in “Movember“.
SDB Fave cookies 12_turkey globe

Speaking of November, I got inspired to do this quirky take on our signature Snow globe cookie- the Turkey Snowglobe featuring really cracked me up and made for a very fun turkey day place card!

SDB Fave cookies 12_turkey drumstick

We also debuted the most delicious turkey I have ever had around Thanksgiving… the turkey cookie drumstick!

SDB Fave cookies 12_jersey strong

After Hurricane Sandy I designed this Jersey Strong cookie (through many tears) in an attempt to add some sweetness to the devastation. We are proud to say we have made some great donations to rebuilding efforts as a result of its success and will continue our efforts into 2013.

SDB Fave cookies 12_Angel and Santa trim the tree

I loved closing out our cookie year with our signature Santa cookie (one of my favorite cookie cutters ever!) and this tree adorable cookie Angel tree topper.

SDB Fave cookies 12_KF Angel on tree

Hanging Santa and this cookie angel on our own tree was pretty sweet!

Thanks to you for a year of love, sweetness and inspiration! We are so lucky to “do what we love and love what we do”. Here’s to an upcoming amazing year filled with sweetness and All Good Things! Xo


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