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Gingerbread Men: Three Ways to Bake Them

SDB Gingerman_Cookie Box pop out
Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me- I’m the gingerbread man!

Recently I had a friend tell me he was concerned that I spend my days talking to my cookies. While I don’t actually talk out loud to them, I do feel that they have very funny personalities and that probably comes from all the love that is put into baking them.

SDB Gingermen_Truvia Gingermen
Gingerbread Men made with Truvia on set at the Martha video shoot

I have always loved gingerbread men cookies. They are simple but fun and cute and the gingerbread cookie itself  is so delicious. Every year sometime in the Fall, I look forward to making my first batch of gingerbread dough and by Christmas am always excited to decorate gingerbread men. They are beautiful in their simplicity and, as Martha Stewart once said to me, ‘It’s not so “painful” to watch people to eat them as they are much less involved to decorate’.

SDB Gingermen_Martha feather tree
Don’t look now but I think we have hit the big time… here we are in Martha Stewart’s kitchen! -Gingerbread Men

This year I was excited when Martha’s amazing food producer asked me to develop a gingerbread recipe using Truvia baking blend. I love the idea of having the option to enjoy a low calorie gingerman and I have had customers request sugar free cookies for dietary reasons as well. The final result is actually quite delicious and a big part of that is because gingerbread already has many flavors and spices going on in the dough, so when you sub in the blend- it really doesn’t change the flavor very much. Get this gingerbread recipe and see how to decorate them here. 

To make my regular gingerbread recipe, substitute one cup of dark brown or light brown sugar for the Truvia.

SDB Gingermen cookies_choc
Chocolate Gingerbread Men? Yes please!

Last week I got inspired to make chocolate gingerbread dough. I spied chocolate gingerbread cookies by Matt Lewis of Baked in the Food & Wine newsletter and was immediately inspired. Since I already had all the supplies for my gingerbread, I used my same recipe with dark brown sugar (as linked to above) but substituted one cup of unsweetened cocoa powder for one cup of flour and kept everything else the same. Yum! I would maybe add a dash more ginger to this recipe the next time but it is really delish… I love the rich color of these guys and I enhanced the chocolaty flavor by decorating them with malt balls, peanut butter m&m’s, and sugared the royal icing outlines for a bit of crunch.

Whats fabulous about the way Christmas falls calendar wise this year is we have another full weekend to bake! If you are hosting Christmas or Christmas eve this year, try one of these amazing gingerbread men recipe options. Or bake up a few to decorate with your friends and family. They are especially fun to decorate with kids! I am excited to say I became an “official” Aunt just the other day and was telling my niece, Cecelia, just last night that we have a lot of cookie decorating to look forward to in the future… I’m pretty sure these classic gingerbread men will always be on our baking list!

SDB Gingermen Cookies_Me and Cece
Welcome to the World Cecelia Rose Boglivi! I can hardly wait to decorate Holiday cookies with you! Xo
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