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#26Acts of Kindness

26 angels_DaniBogliviFiori

The alarm and sadness I felt after hearing about the Newtown, CT tragedy was indescribable. I tuned into news station to news station to news in my car, then sat in my car at the destination for at least 15 minutes unable to pull myself away from the horror that was unfolding.

How could this happen? Why did this happen? Who would ever do this?

While the debates heat up over gun control and everyone airs their opinions all over social media, I was relieved to hear about a positive movement with the sole mission to restore some faith in humanity#26 acts inspired by Ann Curry.

SweetDaniB_26Acts Cards
My 26 acts ready to go!

I’ve always been a big fan of paying it forward and today, on Christmas Eve, as I squeeze in some last minute shopping and hustle and bustle, I plan to buy 26 people a cup of coffee. With the sketch I did (color work by KF) I’ll leave a little note for remembrance and a wish of all good things… because that is the only “onward and upward” we can hope for at a time like this.

I am happy to share this artwork with you (Click to download: 26 Angels Artwork_DaniBogliviFiori) so you can make your own cards and notes. Then please come back and tell us about your #26 acts in the comments. Also check out the 26 Acts facebook page. Our hearts go out to the families, friends and entire community of Newtown. Bless us all and spread the love!

More on this project to come… All good things & merry merry.  Xo Dani

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