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The Tree of Thanks

I have always believed that gratitude is important. Being thankful each day for what you have breeds positivity…

SDB Tree of Thanks_Jar of Thanks Xmas
The Jar of Thanks

For the past few years I’ve been “torturing” my family with “the Jar of Thanks” at Holiday time. I take set it up at Thanksgiving and leave it out till Christmas. It’s this funny mason jar that I dressed up with lights and a tag. I place blank pieces of paper and a pen next to it and request that our guests contribute ‘what they are thankful for’ in it.  I say “torturing” because pretty much everybody but my Mom and myself always seemed annoyed by it and it became the butt of jokes and sarcasm- but I never let that stop me before! Over the years people would contribute to it here and there. Looking back I have some really good notes in there and a few that will be especially treasured now.

It’s been a difficult couple of months and I hadn’t given the Jar of Thanks a second thought for this year… When you are sad it’s really hard to feel like being thankful. One day last week, while icing cookies like a crazy person in prep for the Renegade Craft Fair, I tuned into “Life Coaching with Sophie” on Sirius radio. Sophie is Martha Stewart’s niece, and is a yogi and a life coach. I have met her several time while I was working on the Martha show and I could not have been more excited to hear her show on the air! She has a wonderful, soothing voice for radio and I love her take on things. After listening to her show about “Gratitude and Thankfulness on Thanksgiving” I knew it was time to bring “the thanks” back out…

SDB Tree of Thanks_tree day 1
Our Tree of Thanks set up at the Renegade Craft Fair

So, I changed the jar to a tree and of course added some cookies and ornaments to make it extra festive. I designed tags to hang on the tree that say “I  am thankful for ________”…  (Looking back at the jar of thanks with the blank pieces of paper next to it vs. this format I surmised that people are more open to filling in the blanks- especially if those blanks are not huge. The idea was that if people could keep it simple, maybe they’d be more likely to do it.) And so, at the table where we were selling our cookies, I set up the tree on the table with this sign…

SDB Tree of Thanks_sign for tree
I am thankful for____________…
SDB Tree of Thanks_Tam thanks
Tamara, Amanda and I started off the tree with our own thanks…
SDB Tree of Thanks_friends writing together
and before we knew it, friends were filling out tags together…
SDB Tree of Thanks_Lovely thanks writer in striped gloves
A lovely “thanks writer” in striped gloves (it was chilly!)
SDB Tree of Thanks_friendship thanks
“I am thankful for long lasting friendships”…
SDB Tree of Thanks_Huckleberry
Huckleberry is thankful for “Mom picking me up!” (and cookies!)

By the end of the Craft Fair, our tree was filled with thanks tags written by people big and small. Some people had fun with it and others got deep and I was so happy to feel all that love!

My favorite tag of the day happened to be the last one hung, and it was written by a boy named Sebastian who told his Mom that he would write his message himself…

SDB Tree of Thanks_Sebastians thanks
So good! Thank you, Sebastian!

Faith in gratitude restored! Yay to the Tree of Thanks! What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving!  Xo Dani

I hope this inspires you to make your own tree! Download my “give thanks” tree topper and tags here.


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