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Real Simple: Cookie Decorations “Road Tested” and Beyond!

SDB Real Simple 2012_holiday cookie beauty platter
SDB Holiday Cookies designed for Real Simple’s December 2012 issue 

I’m thrilled to share the news that our cookies are part of Real Simple’s December issue for the second year in a row! I had such an amazing experience working with Real Simple last year, so I was really excited to be contacted by Food Editorial assistant, Lindsay Hunt this past July. Originally, Lindsay was working on an article called Road Tested– one of my favorites from Real Simple. In it, they test various brands and versions of one item and compare and contrast them. Many, many, many supplies and many cookies later, the article morphed into more of a Holiday Cookie “how to” and I couldn’t be more excited to share these cookie designs and supplies with you.

SDB Real Simple 2012_Lindsay and supplies
The lovely Lindsay with our long lineup of cookies supplies to test!

It is a bit of an investment to purchase whats needed to decorate beautiful sugar cookies. There are so many cookie decorating supplies out there, it really could be intimidating. We tested sugars, sprinkles, draggees, candy beads, sugar decorations (layons), non pariels, icing…

SDB Real Simple 2012_sugar decorations and SDB tweezer
Just a few of the sugar decorations we tested… Our SDB “heart applicator tweezer” came in very handy for this job!
…and after all that, I’m happy to say we will be sharing 6 beautiful and easy to decorate Holiday cookies with you as well as the supplies we used to create them! 
SDB Real Simple 2012_snowflake tray
We decorated many many snowflakes to get to the finals you will see in the issue (these are all outtakes). Look at how amazingly organized Lindsay was with her notes!

If you are a Real Simple subscriber, you may already have the issue- if not you will see it soon! It will also be available on news stands this week (I was excited to see it in the food store already!). In addition to the magazine article, we shot Cookie How To videos about each cookie (as well as a few variations) available for viewing on the Real Simple website!

We look forward to sharing more about these cookies with you as well as a behind the scenes of our cookie shoot! But for now, I’m back to firing off on Thanksgiving designs (darn you Sandy!) and cookies for the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend! More on that coming soon!  Xo Dani

PS. If you don’t have our Sweet Dani B “must have” supplies already, order them here ASAP: Sweet Dani B Expert Icing Kit and the Sweet Dani B Heart Applicator Tweezer… happy baking, icing and decorating!

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