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Jersey Strong

The New Jersey state motto is technically “Liberty and Prosperity” but in the days since Hurricane Sandy, another motto has emerged and it could not be more fitting… JERSEY STRONG.

Jersey Strong cookie by Sweet Dani B. All profits are going to charities that are helping with the rebuild efforts in NJ.

New Jerseyans sprung to action after Hurricane Sandy. We have been there for each other and contributions to charities and rebuilding efforts have been amazing and inspiring. In my own personal effort to move onward and upward from the sadness, I got to cookie baking and what emerged was “Jersey Strong”!

I had purchased this amazing NJ cutter from CopperGifts years ago!
I had originally imagined this design with the jumbo candy hearts that have become signature on most of my cookies, but when I mocked it up, I realized the heart had to be much, much bigger!

Our great state has often been the punchline of jokes and sarcasm. Jersey stereotypes abound in the movies, on TV…  I have many times been called a “Jersey Girl” and even if the the people saying it did not mean it nicely I didn’t care. Those people don’t know what they are missing! We are good people with character and heart… and no matter what, will always be “Jersey Strong”.

We are JERSEY STRONG! (Best phrase ever!)

All profits from sales of this cookie are going to charities that are helping with the rebuild efforts in NJ. Our “Jersey Strong” cookies are available to order on our website and will also be for sale at Sweet Nothings in Summit, NJ and BagelMasters in Shrewsbury, NJ. Upon popular demand we will be offering a smaller sized “Jersey Strong” cookie as well. They would make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for everyone and anyone with Jersey pride!   Xo Dani

Contact us if you would like to sell “Jersey Strong” cookies in your shop or boutique!

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