Mustache Cookie Fun!

“Join in the cookie fun” is our latest phrase here at Sweet Dani B… One of my favorite things about our cookies, is how they make people smile. “That’s a cookie-Really?! It’s edible?!”  I also love to witness the “cookie fun” everyone experiences while icing their own cookies in our how- to workshops– its really blast!

SDB mustache cookie

Sometimes you have to lead by example when it comes to the “cookie fun”…

Mustaches are definitely having their moment so I brought about a dozen of our mustache cookies with us to the RISD Alumni sale. As people were visiting our table, KF noticed people were not “getting” the idea of the mustache cookie so he suggested I make a sign and take two out of the box…

SDB RISD alum sale_make mustache sign

Cookie Mustaches: First you wear them, then you eat them!

The rest is cookie fun history… Here’s some of the fun and fabulous attendees of the RISD alumni sale, joining in the mustache cookie fun…

SDB RISD alum sale_mustahe cookie group 1

SDB RISD alum sale_mustache try on 4

SDB RISD alum sale_mustache cookie try on 2

Want to join in the mustache cookie fun? Get the cookie cutters here or here… or contact us and order an already baked and iced batch for yourself!  Xo Dani

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