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American Made

SDB American Made_Mr Bones
“Wow! This Grand Central place is totally excellent! Mwwhaaahaaa!” -Mr. Bones

“So, what makes these cookies so special?”


You “gotta” love New Yorkers! That was just one of the many fun, crazy and hilarious interactions we had at our Make & Give workshop and sale table set up in the heart of NYC- Grand Central Station– at Martha Stewart’s amazing American Made workshop.

SDB American Made_Owl Cookies
“Whoooo’s ready for Grand Central?” “Whoot whoot!” “Do we get to meet Martha?”

After a completely insane load in (loading in fragile items out of a Mini into Grand Central at 4:30 pm on a weekday is not for the faint hearted), we waited for our station to clear (all the Make & Give participants worked in shifts), and began our table setup- a whirlwind setup, might I add, because New Yorkers do not like to wait! As the people gathered and watched, we arranged our cookies and SDB Expert Icing Kits on our sale table and Amanda started selling and I started demoing!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the fun we had at Martha’s “American Made“…

SDB American Made_Grand Central
Beautiful, amazing, historic, Grand Central Station… that’s the Chrysler building peeking out…
SDB American Made_Vanderbuilt Hall
The American Made Workshop setup in Vanderbuilt Hall of Grand Central- beautifully done!
SDB American Made_Workshop Candy Corn making
I started my cookie demo immediately, showing everyone how to ice the giraffe cookie. This little sweetie jumped right in and iced her own candy corn friend!
SDB American Made_Amanda selling
Amanda takes a 2 second break in the selling… our Halloween cookies went fast! For an “eat right now” sweet, we offered Amanda’s delicious ‘Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies’ and her ‘Italian Love Knots’- both hot sellers!
SDB American Made_Anduin Havens
Production Designer extraordinaire, Anduin Havens, stops by our table and adds a brilliant touch to our setup…
SDB American Made_Spider Web demo
Spider Web cookie demo- my current cookie obsession due to gumdrop spiders!
SDB American Made_Am Made sign w twine
I had to take a few quick minutes to walk around… the American Made signs were works of art! Each was 8 feet in diameter- here’s one made with “Martha blue” twine and nails, the other with a collage of amazing craft objects!
SDB American Made_skillet map
The incredible skillet map hung above the Sawkil furniture display- I want one!
SDB American Made_Vintage by Crystal
I was super excited to see Crystal, of Vintage by Crystal. Her work is amazing and we reminisced about her visit to the Martha show where at the end of a craft segment demo with Martha, her boyfriend proposed to her on camera! (I was the stylist in charge of the champagne toast after she said yes!)
SDB American Made_Threadfollower
the amazing birds of Threadfollower…
SDB American Made_Cup 4 Cup
The only purchase I had time to make! I have been receiving many requests for gluten free versions of our cookies- can’t wait to try it!

And as soon as I got back to the table it was time for a whirlwind breakdown! Luckily, we sold almost all of our cookies and SDB Expert Icing Kits, so we didn’t have as much to load out!

SDB American Made_Me Amanda Times Sq
To keep with the “We heart NY” theme, Amanda and I walked through Times Square to dinner at NYC landmark, Ruby Foo’s…
SDB American Made_fortunes
…where I was super excited to get this fortune!

“Now, let me tell you what makes THESE cookies so special, Sir…”

Thanks to Martha Stewart, Marcie Mc Goldrick, and Anduin Havens for including us in this amazing event. We are truly honored and super proud to be American Made!

Xo Dani

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  • Sounds like a lot of fun. I miss the city. When I lived in Queens I used to go to Times Square Church on 51st & Broadway. It’s a church in the old Mark Hellinger theater. This city great! Hopefully I can visit during Christmas time.