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With Love… Phyllis’ Artichoke Dip

We suddenly and tragically lost KF’s Mom, Phyllis Glynn, earlier this week. It was a terrible, awful shock. The past few days are a blur. Somehow I managed to ice and package 60 “people cookies” while all the craziness was happening… fielding emails and phone calls and feeling sad to the core. (In a strange way those cookies helped pulled me through) Yesterday and last night we gathered and celebrated her life and shared our memories.  It was beautifully heartbreaking.

Keith and his Mom on a beautiful summer day in their backyard
Keith and his Mom on a beautiful summer day in their backyard

Phyllis loved to host and entertain. The doors of her home were always open and when you ventured through them tables full of snacks, dips, salads, and her famous antipasto platters (often large enough to serve the entire neighborhood) would usually be there waiting. She was one of those amazingly talented and fabulous “kitchen sink” chefs. A little bit of this, a little bit of that… “Oh we have this- just throw it in!” All of her recipes were commited to memory and she never ever wrote anything down. After dating KF for about year I worked up the nerve to email her husband, Tim, and ask her for the recipe for her delicious (and easy to make) artichoke dip since we all loved it so much.

Phyllis' Arti Dip Recipe
Phyllis’ Artichoke Dip Recipe

I can not describe the relief I felt when I turned to the page in my recipe binder on Thursday and there it was. The email reply from 2006, with Tim’s added wit and “copyright humor”. I imagined them giggling about it as they hit ‘send’.  I know Phyllis would love to be remembered through her cooking since she showed her love for us through every snack, dinner and Holiday meal she ever made for us. I’m happy to share this recipe as a tribute to her and hope that you make it for someone you love.

SDB Artichoke Dip
I made Phyllis’ artichoke dip for us yesterday… It was delicious as it ever but will never be quite the same…

Xo Dani

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