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Smiley Donut Cookie How To

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We are SWEET! See us smile!

As a proud foodie, I often imagine cookies, donuts, and other yummy bites smiling back at me! Back in May, I made these cookie favors for my friend Carrie’s baby shower which was a milk & cookie theme…

SDB Donut How To_Milk and Cookie Cookie
The milk & cookie cookie favors for Carrie’s baby shower featured icing googly eyes- I made sure to point the eyes staring into the direction of each yum chocolate chip cookie!

… and it kind of started a fun trend for me of putting eyes and faces on my cookies. Granted, not all cookies work with eyes and smiley faces, but this is a very fun way to make cookies extra sweet and fun for a kid’s party or other whimsical occasion. Bette’s 1st birthday party was a perfect fit for the whimsy of smiling food and these smiling donut cookies were the perfect fit!

Here’s how I iced the smiley donut cookie…

SDB Donut How To_1 oval cookie with hole
Using large and small oval cookie cutters, I baked my donut cookies. I made sure to punch the donut hole slightly above off center and a slight bit to the right- this was to create “perspective” and also pre plotting on where I’d later place the smiley face
SDB Donut How To_2 blonde 1st layer cookie
Next I iced the bottom donut in “vanilla”…
SDB Donut How To_2 choc 1st layer cookie
and chocolate… Its important to ice this layer first so the top icing layer literally layers onto the donut. Let this layer dry completely.
SDB Donut How To_3 add pink glaze cookie
Once the bottom layer is dry, ice the pink “glaze” using swirly edge outlines. In certain areas I iced to the very edge and pushed the royal icing to drip over the edge. This gave a real donut glaze effect. While still wet, add the eyes into place then add jimmies or mini sugar confetti. Let dry without moving the cookies (you want the overflow icing to harden in place).
SDB Donut How To_4 donut cookie mouth
Last but not least, add a red smiley mouth using your thin tip SDB icing bottle- let dry!
SDB Donut How To_6 Donut Cookie Favor
Donut cookie packaged in cellophane bags, ready to be taken home and enjoyed. Don’t they look excited?!

I have a few more smileys in the works and I hope this inspires you… Smiles are SWEET! Xo Dani

PS. Get the amazing oval cookie cutter that I used here… I have already used it a bunch– its a great cookie baking investment!

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