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MP+DW “Carved Heart” Wedding

One of my favorite things about working in the “occasion” business is getting to know people- hearing their stories, learning about their lives… It’s all so interesting! I find that the more a client opens up, the more I am able to succeed in conveying their theme.

A few years ago, I was introduced to bride- to- be, Meredith, through my friend Amanda. Over a long cup of coffee we pinpointed their wedding theme (which was a non traditional idea at the time) and built an entire wedding design around it- from paper goods to cookie favors. To this day, their wedding is still one of my favorites!

SDB Meredith Wedding_ Darren and Mer with invite
The wedding invitation featured a whimsical illustration I sketched based on a bench that is very special to this couple- its also the bench where Darren proposed!
SDB Meredith Wedding_program bench shot
Here’s the photo of THE bench which we also included in Meredith and Darren’s program. People loved hearing the story and the significance of the bench!
SDB Meredith Wedding_ invite detail
I added a MP+DW carved heart with their initials to my sketch of the bench… the carved heart sketch took over as their icon for their big day.
SDB Meredith Wedding_ menu
Here’s the MP+DW carved heart as icon on their menu. I loved the juxtaposition of the elegance of their wedding location (The Molly Pitcher Inn), with a fun icon like this. It’s really just so “them”.
SDB Meredith Wedding_ table names
Speaking of “so them” each table was named after significant events they encountered as couple and each event was described below it. What NJ wedding table name could be better than “The Boss”?
SDB Meredith Wedding_ cookie favors
Another amazing juxtaposition… our whimsical carved heart cookies served on silver trays! Note how we changed Meredith’s initial here to be the same as Darren’s- SWEET!
SDB Meredith Wedding_thank you collage
We followed up this beautiful day with a photo collage wedding thank you card. Photographer, John Arcara made my job very easy here. Every single one of his photos was gorgeous!
SDB Meredith Wedding_ Family photo current
Remember the part where I said I love getting to know people?

… Follow up to my clients stories is especially sweet! I ran into Meredith and Darren at Bette’s birthday party and was so thrilled to see how amazing they are doing on the brink of their 4th Wedding Anniversary… It was especially sweet to meet their two adorable sons- Cooper and Spencer! Happy almost Anniversary MP+DW! Life is Sweet! Xo Dani

PS. Thanks to John Arcara for the sharing these beautiful images of the MP+DW Wedding!

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