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Mermaid Princesses Party

SDB Mermaid party theme_ 3 mermaid cookies
Mermaid “Princess” cookies

“You have to talk to her,” my friend, Bianca said. “We can not have another princess party!” Believe or not, this is not the first time I have encountered the princess party push back. Of coarse, I can see both sides. I, for one, love a good princess party. I also understood that this year, we needed to move on.

SDB Mermaid party theme_KF Jorian and Lucia
For me, the beach is always a great place to get inspired!

So as we sat visiting on the beach one day, Lucia, Bianca and I began talking about her upcoming birthday party. It may have been her fish themed bikini, or it may have been the shark sandcastle KF and her brother made, but before we knew it, we were talking mermaids- and not just any mermaids… Mermaid Princesses!

SDB Mermaid party theme_ early Mermaid cookie on plate
One of my first Mermaids… this “Sea Diva” is a bit more modest in dress!

The mermaid cookie is one I have been doing for years. I remember when I first saw the cookie cutter… I thought, hmmm this will be challenge.

SDB Mermaid party theme_ Mermaid cake toppers
We also made Mermaid and “sea friends” cake toppers for Lucia’s birthday cake

Some cookie jobs are harder to part with than others and this was one of those jobs. Since I couldn’t attend Lucia’s party this year, I missed out on the setup and all the mermaid action (Professor Figgy led the group in mermaid themed crafts). Her Mom did send me one photo though that will always make me smile…

SDB Mermaid Party theme_ Lucia as Mermaid Princess
Mermaid Princess Lucia on the way to her party!

Here’s the all the fabulous Mermaid Princesses out there!  Xo Dani

PS. Get these amazing cookie cutters here: The original Mermaid cookie cutter or the swimming open arm Mermaid cutter! Amazing cutters as always by CopperGifts.

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