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Some People Call It Karma…

Some people call it Karma, others “the Secret“, my Mom’s phrase for it is “good deed for the day”, while others say ‘pay it forward‘…

SDB Karma blog lovebug card
A “love bug” mini thank you note

About 3 weeks ago, I was on line for coffee in Dunkin Donuts and the teenage girl in front of me came up short in paying for her order. After a minute or so of searching empty pockets and looking around, I asked her how much she needed. $2 seemed like a good price to pay for my “good deed of the day” and to move the line along. She thanked me wholeheartedly…

Fast forward…

It is torturous and embarrassing to get on the bus in this town without exact change. We live in a neighborhood of “hardcore commuters”. Most of our neighbors live here and work in the city, and they’ve got their routine down to a science- most just flash a bus pass upon boarding the bus. I’m out of practice on the “hardcore commute” as my daily commute is a 12 minute walk to my studio- but the other day I got hired to do a styling job in NYC (more about that soon!). I prepped the night before, packed my cookie kit bag, quick glanced in the wallet to make sure I had cash… walked up to the corner to get the bus the next morning and it came right away (jackpot!)… last on since everyone else had bus passes… Bus started moving while I juggled my giant cookie kit bag, handbag and wallet… Opened wallet to find what I thought was all singles was actually one single and two twenty dollar bills. PANIC! The bus driver will never ever (ever ever) give change so I turned and asked the bus full of professional commuters, “Does anyone have change for a $20?” The reply: Silent and seemingly annoyed “dead air”.

Just as I was about to get off the bus at the next stop, a woman who I have seen around the neighborhood, came up to the front and handed me the $2 with a smile. ‘No need to repay me’ she said, “Have a nice day”.

SDB Karma blog cookie thank you
With some neighborly “investigating” I found out the woman’s name who helped me out and that she lives right around the block. Of coarse I had to leave her some thank you cookies!

I’ve always believed in all of the above. Good brings good… Here’s to that “floating” $2 and a very Happy Friday! Xo Dani

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