Cookie & Craft Shark Week: The Round-up

SDB Shark Cookies_teeth 2It’s been a fun shark filled few weeks here at the JUICE. We had a ferociously great time working on Cookie and Crafting Shark Week!

SDB JAWS party hat beauties

JAWSOME Party Hat!

Here’s a link roundup of the fun crafts we did…

Shark Week Party Hat Version 1

Shark Week Party Hat Version 2 (JAWS)

Shark Card with Rosa Clifford

Dog Shark Costume

SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_8 blue mm supplies

JAWS cookie cupcake toppers! YES!

Here’s a link roundup of cookies and deliciouness we worked and munched on…

Shark (and Wave) Cookies Part 1

JAWS Cookie Cupcake Topper

Watermelon Shark

SDB Shark Roundup Watermelon

I loved my watermelon shark so much, I saved him in the fridge for a few days and re-filled him! (How will I part with him?)

And last but not least, my Shark Week nail art is all ready to go for tonight…

SDB shark Roundup Shark Pedi

Shark big toe!

We are looking forward to the “totally jawsome” premiere of Shark Week tonight! Or if you are cookie and crafting for a shark themed party, we hope you love these ideas too!

SDB Shark Roundup KF SDB

Happy Shark Week!

Shark on friends! Xo Dani