Scallop Shell Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_beauty scallop cookie sandwich dish

Now THAT is my kind of sandwich!

After extensive research performed while working on the Scallop Marshmallow Cookie Sandwich I do declare with the greatest confidence the following: Giant marshmallows are much, much more delicious than their mini and regular sized counterparts. I believe it is the larger core that provides extra marshmallow squishiness- I will preform further research in the marshmallow category over the long weekend.

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_giant marshmallow

You can even see the extra squishiness!

Now, on to the Scallop Shell cookie sandwich how to which features this delicious marshamallow as its sandwich center. While designing our SDB shell cookie cutters I could not help but admire and be inspired by the loveliness of CopperGifts seashell cookie cutter… it is beautiful, elegant and generous in size.

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_2 bake

Using the seashell cutter bake up an even amount of scallop shell cookies (each cookie sandwich requires a top and bottom)

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_3 ice first layer

Ice the first layer of your scallop shells- I mixed pink and orange food coloring gels to make a coral like color. Let dry completely.

Note: If you would like to speed the process along, ice only one of the 2 cookie shells. Your guests technically won’t see the bottom until it is being picked up and put into their mouths. The argument for icing both layers: extra icing adds extra deliciousness, and also makes for a fair way to share this cookie- IE: pull apart, you take the top, I’ll take the bottom, we split marshmallow.

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_4 ice outline

Using a contrasting color icing, add shell outline and inner definition lines

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_6 cut marshmallow

While shells are drying, cut giant marshmallows into thirds- cutting on a slight angle will help your top layer fall into place best when making the sandwich

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_ice inside cookie

Using a contrasting color to the coral, flip one of your two shells over and Ice the inside shell portion only- leave the “foot” un-iced for now…

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_7 ice stick sprinkle

Stick your marshmallow into the wet icing up towards the front of the cookie shell. If using disco dust or sanding sugar (which is pretty but optional), sprinkle it now…

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_8 ice end tip

now ice the foot of your shell cookie…

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_9 make cookie sandwich

…while the icing is still wet, sandwich your top layer onto the bottom layer at the shell “foot”. Let dry for 8 hours or overnight.

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_beauty scallop placecards

Serve up your Scallop Shell Cookie Sandwiches as yummy place cards at your Labor Day BBQ or for a late summer dinner party…

SDB Scallop Cookie How To_beauty on the half shell

…or plate them up with a few clams on the half shell as a fun & fab centerpiece for your dessert buffet!

One final decorating note… We did try a few options of these scallop cookie sandwiches with eyes, but to us, it just didn’t look right. The scallop shape falls on the more elegant side of the shell cookie, so the eyes just didn’t seem to fit. That said, we do HEART the mix of these cookies together and they also look fab with our swirly shell cookie. To see how to make our cookie clams, click here.

Here’s to a lovely long weekend filled with scallop cookie sandwiches, sun & sweetness! Xo Dani


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