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Let’s Sweet! Fave Bakeries in NYC (latest addition to a blog in progress)

I received a very important tweet request from a few friends “across the pond” who are seeking out ‘the best cake places to visit in NYC’ on a visit planned for this Fall (I better speed up the visiting process!). “Cake places” is specific but I don’t think these friends will mind that my tastes for sweets goes well beyond cake, so I’m going highlight the “sweetest” and “most original” in my opinion- because nobody visits NYC for the same old same old.

As delicious as it would be to hit up all my favorite places in one or two days, my thighs would never forgive me- hence this “blog in progress”…

Dani with Choc chip cookie eye

Let’s sweet, shall we?

My next entry to this blog in progress is kind of a “Duh! no kidding!” but, hey, I didn’t know about Laduree until I was headed to Paris and asked around so…

SDB lets sweet_Bouchon nutter butter
The “Nutterbutter” from Bouchon Bakery

We gleefully discovered Bouchon Bakery years ago while on vacation in Napa. Our hotel was nearby and we visited every day, sometimes twice a day. In preparation for our travels home, we ordered two of their brown bag lunches to go (which were intended for the plane ride back). KF was so excited about his cashew butter sandwich that he ate it on the way out of the bakery! These days Bouchon Bakery can be found in NYC, Vegas, and Beverly Hills (the only location I have not visited).

SDB lets sweet_Bouchon baguette
Classic perfection- the ham & cheese baguette at Bouchon Bakery… enjoyed while looking out the window onto the Today Show Plaza, Rockafeller Center
SDB lets sweet_Bouchon tko
The T.K.O.

Everything is amazing and delicious and I always get a cookie- or two or three- to go. The T.K.O. is a beautiful, glorious ode to Oreo, while the nutterbutter reminds me of a huge, even better version of my very favorite Girl Scout cookie. The best part is that the peanut butter filling is more peanut buttery than buttery sweet.

SDB lets sweet_Bouchon squirrel stalking
In fact, the Nutterbutter is so peanutty, that the last time I enjoyed this cookie, I suddenly realized I was not alone…
SDB lets sweet_Bouchon squirrel gets closer
…and even though I moved my cookie to another location on the porch, this squirrel sniffed it out!
SDB lets sweet_Bouchon squirrel
…but when he got this close I got nervous, so I grabbed my nutterbutter and ran!

Bouchon Bakery Visit Summation: A visit for lunch is a great way to “taste test” this amazing “fave” bakery. I order the ham & cheese (cured ham, Emmenthaler cheese and sweet butter) every single time while KF prefers their cashew butter and apricot jam sandwich. For a lighter lunch or snack, Bouchon’s yogurt parfait is also quite glorious thanks to their yum granola. The “seasonal scones”- either savory or sweet- are perfect with a cappuccino. Obviously the cookies mentioned above are glorious as are their perfect French macarons (which you can choose by flavor to fill a sample box- also making them a great way to take Bouchon home with you). The Rockafeller Center location is busy, but a fun way to get involved with the hustle and bustle of NYC (and maybe even spy some juicy goings on at the Today Show). For a more mellow experience, visit the Time Warner Center location.

Read the rest of this “blog post in progress” here

Xo Dani

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