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How To Ice “Furry the Owl” Cookies

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SDB Furry Owl Cookie_9 final
Furry the Owl (cookie)!

As a lover and believer of the magic of stuffed animal “friends”, I was super excited to be asked to bring the adorable and well- loved “Furry” the Owl to cookie life. I met Meredith Wu at one of my cookie workshops at Urban Arts (look for this Fall’s Cookie Workshop schedule coming soon!) and Furry belongs to her nephew who is now turning 21!

SDB Furry the Owl_nephew with Furry
Here’s a photo of Meredith’s adorable nephew with Furry, 21 years ago and Furry now… To me there’s nothing sweeter then a well loved stuffed animal!
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_1 oval cookies
Since Furry’s shape is a bit different than the SDB Owl, I baked oval cookies to replicate Furry…

This oval cookie cutter from CopperGifts can be used for so many different cookies!

SDB Furry Owl Cookie_2 first layer
I iced the first layer with tan royal icing, leaving a blank area for the eyes and beak, and added 3 “jimmy” feathers to the head…
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_3 candy 1
While the body was drying, I gathered my candy… “Mega Sours” for the eyeballs, gumdrops for the beak…
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_4 candy 2
…Satellite Wafers for the eye orbs and cinnamon marshmallows for the wings and feet
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_4 draw in eyeball
Using a black food coloring marker, I added pupils to the eyeballs and let them set
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_5 blue icing
Once the body was fully dry, I iced the blue fur where his eyes are and the white around his beak, then added my candy and sugared both areas with coarse sanding sugar…
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_6 candy then sugared
Looking like Furry already!
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_7 add wing
I cut these cinnamon marshmallows in half and used the top side for the feet and the underside (where you can see the cut) for the wings. The color was perfect!
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_8 eye gleam side by side
After attaching the candy eyeball to the orbs with a dot of icing, I added a small white highlight dot to each eyeball which really brought Furry to life! Just look at the difference a little dot makes!
SDB Furry Owl Cookie_10 Furry the Owl Cookie Box
I packed him up with a blue glittered 21 star and the Furry the Owl Birthday Boxes were ready to go! Whooo’s ready to party?

Thanks to Meredith for thinking of me for such a fun and sweet job! Happy 21st Birthday Furry the Owl… Here’s to many more years of sweetness and companionship! All good things!  Xo Dani

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