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Cookie Shell Clam Bake: Behind the Scenes & Supply List

We had a really fun time shooting our latest cookie videos… Here’s some fun “behind the scenes” photos from our cookie shoot with Mike Boylan Creative Video.

SDB Shell shoot_cookie swaps
I should have had the swaps done the day before for maximum drying time, but I had another major deadline so I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to ice these for the shoot…
SDB Shell shoot_heavy rain
This photo does not even come close to showing what the rain was like that day! I was soaked just coming into the house and our attempt to get the cookie out of the car failed due to streams of water leaking into my car as I tried it. We waited for it to slow down to get the cookies out…
SDB Shell platter from shoot
…there definitely were some cookie casualties. If you look closely at the scallop shell and the swirly shell you can see rain spots. That’s what I get for not icing the night before! Since they were not fully dry, I couldn’t cover them for packing and as a result…
SDB Shell shoot_gumball sampler Mikey
… we were forced to eat the casualties! Mikey also enjoyed the gumball “pearl” we used in the clam cookie!
SDB Shell shoot_Kath in kitchen
I asked my friend, Kathleen, (Mike’s wife) to join me in the video intros… she’s turned into quite the expert cookie icer over the past year and it’s been great having someone to ice with! Love her top! (Ann Taylor- but last year :()
SDB Shell shoot Tommy and Mikey
The boys did such a great job making cookie sand with me! I love that Tommy’s shirt matched the cookies and Mikey was gearing up for Shark Week!
SDB Shell shoot_expert icer Tommy
Tommy is also on his way to being an expert icer… look at this clam shell he iced with Kath!
SDB Shell shoot_Mike on dolly
My favorite photo from the day… Mike tested out his new dolly for this shoot (note the roll in on the shell intros). Here he is taking a video beauty of the shell clam bake cookie platter (lower right corner). He had Kathleen push the dolly this time so it could be extra slow… they are both all business in this shot- love it!
SDB Shell shoot_Me Kath Tommy
That was fun! Thanks guys!
SDB Shell Shoot Tommy Sketches
…and before I left, Tommy made sure to show me his amazingly detailed ideas for some new SDB Holiday cookies! They are totally amazing- I’ll be working on these next week! The elf? The Santa Sack? We must!

I hope we have inspired you to make your own shell cookie clam bake! Could there be a more perfect cookie platter for your Labor Day BBQ?

Here’s a clickable cookie supply list to get you going…

Shell & Clam (2 sizes) Cookie Cutters

Sweet Dani B Expert Icing Kit

Sweet Dani B Heart Applicator Tweezer

Scallop Shell Cookie Cutter

Crab Cookie Cutter (similar to the one I used)

Disco Dust

Gumball Pearls

Candy Bead Pearls

Americolor Gels– Pink, Blue, Ivory, Orange, Yellow

Happy Icing!  Xo Dani



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