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Cookie & Craft Shark Week: JAWS Cookie Cupcake Topper

I took a bit of a different approach to the shark cookies I made this year for KF’s birthday. To go with the JAWS shark party hat I designed, and to refer back to his favorite movie of all time, I decided to mock up JAWS emerging from the “water” of an iced cupcake…

SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_JAWS movie poster
This iconic poster was the inspiration for the JAWS party hats and the JAWS cookie cupcake toppers. Note: Crazy and ferocious shark teeth!

Here’s a step by step of how I made these JAWS cookies come to cookie life!

To get the proper shape of a the shark “head” emerging, I used CopperGifts surfboard cookie cutter and trimmed off the bottom…

SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_1 baked cookies
After baking my cookies on sticks, I gathered all my supplies… one of each size of my Sweet Dani B Expert icing kit bottles, a spatula, icing eyes and a bit of white fondant…
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_royal icing
Using black gel coloring, I mixed up grey and black royal icing… I add the smallest touch of ivory to my grey icing to make it on the warmer side
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_2 ice cookie grey
Using my thick tip icing bottle, I iced all the bodies in grey adding 2 icing dot eyes to each… I couldn’t resist adding a heart to a couple of the sharks!
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_3 cut fondant teeth
While the sharks were drying, I cut out the teeth from white fondant. I used the fondant because I wanted an extra sharp teeth effect, plus its one less icing color to mix! I let the sharks dry and teeth harden for about an hour…
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_4 tweezer teeth ready
Once the grey icing hardened, I added black icing to my thin tip bottle and was ready to go…
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_5 black mouth
The mouth is basically a half moon shape, but frowning…
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_6 add teeth
Using my SDB tweezer, I added the teeth starting at the center… the triangles I cut were far from uniform and I loved the way that looked- especially in comparison with the poster!
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_7 place in cupcakes
I let them dry for 8 hours and LOVED the way they looked emerging from the cupcake icing! (Thanks to Janine for making these delish chocolate peanut butter cuppies!)
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_8 blue mm supplies
The next day we had some kiddies visiting, so I thought it would be fun to make these strawberry iced cuppies blue…
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_9 add mm
After sticking the shark topper into the cupcake, I added turquoise blue m&m’s to the icing…
SDB JAWS cookie cupcake topper_Jaws cookie Jaws party hat
I loved the way these looked too (esp lined up with the hats), plus they were ferociously delicious!

To make these cookies, check out our “clickable” supply list below. Shark Week is only 10 days away… I hope these ideas inspire you! Cue the music… Xo Dani

JAWS Cookie Cupcake Topper Supply List:

Surfboard Cookie Cutter
Icing Eyes
Black and Ivory Gel (optional to make grey icing warm) Royal Icing Coloring
Sweet Dani B Expert Icing Kit
Sweet Dani B Hart Applicator Tweezer
White Rolled Fondant (you will have plenty left to make Owl Eyes!)




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  • Dani, I just showed my niece this post and we cracked up with pure joy at how cute the last picture is with the sharks in the cupcakes. We LOVE THEM!!! You are so talented… it’s not even funny. I LOVE the sharks.