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Paper Doll Cookies

I don’t think anyone will mind if we take a short break in the Cookie & Craft Shark Week for these “lovely ladies”…

A few weeks ago, my talented friend, Zia, asked me if I could create a cookie favor to match an invite she illustrated for a baby shower she was hosting for a friend who has “a little doll on the way”. The shower theme= paper dolls! Looking at her sketch, I knew a cookie doodle sketch style cookie would capture her illustration best.

SDB Paper Doll Cookie_Doll Cookie Dress Sketches by Zia
Zia’s adorable sketches of paper dolls were the featured image on the invite- adorable!

Since I had used it before, and its been a favorite of mine, I knew CopperGifts Doll Cookie Cutterwould be just perfect! Here’s how I made Zia’s sketches come to cookie life…

SDB Paper Doll Cookie_Doll Cookie Skin and Eyes
I started off icing the head, arms and legs and added two icing dot eyes…
SDB Paper Doll Cookie_Doll Cookie Dress and Socks
Next I added the white dress and socks (ok, LOVE the socks!)
SDB Paper Doll Cookie_Doll Cookie Hair
Next up, the hair… Zia had sent me a photo of (Mom-to-Be) Jen’s “signature ringlets”. I had to go a little lighter with the brown icing here because I wanted to be sure the food coloring maker would show up when I went back in to draw the curls…
SDB Paper Doll Cookie_Doll Cookie Cheeks
By the time I was done with the other layers, the skin was dry enough to add a little pink mouth and the rosy cheeks. The cheeks were done “watercolor style” using pink luster dust and a tiny bit of water. I let all these layers dry fully overnight…
SDB Paper Doll Cookie_Doll Cookie Doodle
The next day I added the outlines on Zia’s sketch: the dress patterns, socks, shoes, eyelashes and ringlets using a black Americolor Food Decorating Pen. I let the marker set for 3 hours before packaging…
SDB Paper Doll Cookie_3 cookies
We so LOVED the way these turned out!
SDB Paper Doll Cookie_Jen
…and I especially LOVE when clients share their photos with us! Here’s Jen looking lovely and glowing with her paper doll cookie!

Thanks to Zia for thinking of me for such a fun and SWEET project! All good things!  Xo Dani






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