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Let’s Sweet! Fave Bakeries in NYC (latest addition to a blog in progress)

 I received a very important tweet request from a few friends “across the pond” who are seeking out ‘the best cake places to visit in NYC’ on a visit planned for this Fall. “Cake places” is specific but I don’t think these friends will mind that my tastes for sweets goes well beyond cake, so I’m going highlight the “sweetest” and “most original” in my opinion- because nobody visits NYC for the same old same old.

As delicious as it would be to hit up all my favorite places in one or two days, my thighs would never forgive me- hence this “blog in progress”…

Dani with Choc chip cookie eye

Let’s sweet, shall we?

Did you know that donut can be spelled doughnut OR donut? Interesting! I investigated this since my typing of donut comes up as a typo but in fact, both ways are accepted… moving on…

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Bag
Donut Plant, Chelsea, NYC

There were so many people taking photos and even a group taking video of placing a donut order that I worried about “being cliche” including Donut Plant on this list but, it is too amazing not to include… So, somehow, if you haven’t heard, Donut Plant is a glorious, simple (speaking of simple their logo= brilliance), delicious bakery concept built on the baking history of the owner’s family (I dare you not to tear up reading the ‘history’ on their site!)

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Wall
I quickly fell in love with this soft sculpture donut wall- Amazing! I’d like a few of these for our couch!
SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Chair
There are even donut holes in the chairs!

Being a bit of a donut expert, I asked my friend Amanda to meet me at Donut Plant. We visited on a very hot day! Very. Hot. (This might explain why all my photos are slightly blurry) After 10 minutes of reading the menu I went to the counter and returned to our table hoping I made the right choices… The man next to us gasped! (Was it the churro that offended him or the amount we were sampling?) We had gone with our instincts and ordered 2 cake donuts: cinnamon sugar & blueberry cake, 2 yeast donuts: vanilla bean glazed & peanut butter banana, 1 churro, and 2 iced lattes. (Ok, maybe I can see why he was staring!)

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Iced Latte
As much as I don’t normally love ice coffee, their iced latte was really good and a great accompaniment to the donuts. I love that they also serve milk!

Amanda surmised that she preferred the yeast donuts to the cake versions, “You get a bigger donut, and I want as much of this donut that I could get” she said while happily eating the vanilla bean. It is a great point but my heart really belongs to the cake donut- cinnamon sugar, blueberry cake, tres leches (I had tried one before this visit)…

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Blueberry Cake smile
Donut Plant Blueberry Cake Smile

I can’t wait to go back and try the blackout cake, pistachio, and carrot…

Donut Plant Visit Summation: If you are visiting, def do a “taste test” between the yeast and cake donuts to compare. (You can always try 1/2 then take the other 1/2 home!) As far as flavors, I’m not sure any could be bad… Their “jelly filled square” has come into its own fame due to shape and jelly distribution and their “blackout” and “tres leche” are trademarked so those are always good places to start if you can not decide. Serious Eats ate their way thru Donut Plant’s menu so if you’d like to pre prep for your visit, check out their flavor by flavor review here.

SDB LetsSweet Donut Plant Spot
“I preferred the Peanut Butter Banana to the Blueberry Cake but both were exceptional!”     -Spot Fiori

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Xo Dani

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