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Cookie & Craft Shark Week: Dog Shark

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Spot Fiori as JAWS!

People look at me like I’m nuts when I tell them that Spot Fiori loves to dress up. We keep his “clothes” in a bag by the door and whenever I take the bag out he comes running tail wagging. Even tying a bandana around his neck adds a spring to his step!

SDB Dog Shark_Spot Outfits
Just a few of Spot Fiori’s favorite looks… Giants jersey (represent!), Vampire Cape, and his very  dapper rain trench…

Spot was lucky enough to be invited to The Martha Show’s “Pet-tacular” a few years ago and since KF agreed to accompany him, it was immediately decided that he would have to go as a character from JAWS (KF’s favorite movie of all time). I got right to work on his costume which was inspired by the scene where Chief Brody tells the Captain Quint, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

SDB Dog Shark_full costume view
Spot shows off his JAWS costume

I was so excited to find this amazing “land shark” dog costume. It was a great place to start. An exact replica of the ORCA was not easy to come by but I found one online and KF hand lettered ORCA on it. These days, I’d head over to Etsy, where there are tons of fun wooden toy boats. In full effort to push his costume over the top, we added a thrift store purchased doll leg to the mouth.* I attached all JAWS props to the shark costume body with a glue gun. So simple yet very effective!

SDB Dog Shark_Nomi KF Spot Audience
Spot Fiori JAWS seen here with KF and our friend, Nomi, living it up in the audience at The Martha Show Pet-tacular

Sadly, Spot Fiori JAWS did not take home a prize that day, (He was robbed!) but he did have a totally excellent time and like many celebrities, his favorite part of the day was his visit to “craft services”!

SDB Dog Shark_snack at craft services
Ooooh melon!

Your furry friend will love wearing this JAWSOME costume at your Shark Week kickoff party! Or its never ever too soon to start prepping for Halloween! Shark on, friends! Xo Dani

* In real life, we do not think sharks biting or hurting people is a laughing matter. In fact we take it very seriously and find it really, really scary. In the case of this costume we were trying to represent JAWS as the “killing machine” shark that he was.

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