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Cookie & Craft Shark Week: Shark Cookies, Part 1

I have made many a shark cookie in my day! Just like anything as you do them more and more they change a bit and evolve. Here’s a photo of the place card/ favor cookies I did for KF’s 40th birthday dinner a few years ago with CopperGifts “open mouth” shark cutter. I iced the entire cookie warm grey, added an icing dot eye and sugared it. Once the body layer dried, I iced the teeth…

SBD Shark Cookies_Coppergifts cutter
While KF loved this cookie favor, he did have a few “comments” on how the icing could be improved… belly should be white, teeth should be “more ferocious”!

I came across this Hammer Song cookie cutter while doing some shark investigating one day. I love the shape and mouth and teeth!

SDB Shark Cookies_hammersong shark
Talk about ferocious!

So for KF’s birthday last year I baked both shape sharks as well as a few wave cookies.

SDB Shark Cookies_baked
As always, I baked a few “on sticks” to use as cake toppers…
SDB Shark Cookies_waiting for teeth
I took KF’s advice about making the sharks bellies white! They do look more realistic. Here they are drying waiting for teeth application…
SDB Shark Cookies_teeth 1
I tried adding the teeth 2 ways… here I drew a white line of icing and dragged down points to make the shark teeth…
SDB Shark Cookies_teeth 2
For the more defined Hammer Song teeth I used my SDB thin tip icing bottle to follow the teeth shapes… I think this method worked best and the teeth stayed defined.

I just had to put a heart on at least one of them even though sharks are not very cuddly! Also one thing to note: I prefer the black icing eyes over the black candy beads seen here. While I love the way the black beads look, one day later, the black color ran and seeped into the grey icing.

SDB Shark Cookies_ and Wave Cookie Platter
Shark Cookie success! I used a blue bordered melamine tray to create an “action packed” cookie scene…
SDB Shark Cookies_cookie cake toppers
…while these delish shark cake toppers swam atop KF’s gooey chocolate birthday cake!

I had so much fun making these shark cookies come to life! For a more in depth look at how to ice these cookies check out our Shark and Wave featured how- to’s on Sweet Dani B TV!

In other Shark Cookie news, my “fairy cookie-mother”, Beth, from CopperGifts is sending me their latest shark cookie cutter! Look for our “Cookie Sharks Part 2” coming soon!  Shark on, friends…  Xo Dani





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  • Thanks for the cookie tips. would you believe my mom brought me over the shark cookie cutter from Copper Gifts today? She ordered it when she found out Will was having a shark party. It doesn’t have the teeth cut-out, but the website has some ideas for teeth. I like your tip about the black frosting eye. Not something I would have thought about. Now, I’ve left two comments, two days in a row. . . . what will tomorrow bring? If you’re posting a pinata, I will be so excited!

  • Oh my goodness, did you see the surf board cutter? That would have been so hilarious with a shark BITING onto it 🙂 ha ha maybe I’m showing that I live too close to Cape Cod!!