Cookie & Craft Shark Week: Shark Cookies, Part 1

I have made many a shark cookie in my day! Just like anything as you do them more and more they change a bit and evolve. Here’s a photo of the place card/ favor cookies I did for KF’s 40th birthday dinner a few years ago with CopperGifts “open mouth” shark cutter. I iced the entire cookie warm grey, added an icing dot eye and sugared it. Once the body layer dried, I iced the teeth…

SBD Shark Cookies_Coppergifts cutter

While KF loved this cookie favor, he did have a few “comments” on how the icing could be improved… belly should be white, teeth should be “more ferocious”!

I came across this Hammer Song cookie cutter while doing some shark investigating one day. I love the shape and mouth and teeth!

SDB Shark Cookies_hammersong shark

Talk about ferocious!

So for KF’s birthday last year I baked both shape sharks as well as a few wave cookies.

SDB Shark Cookies_baked

As always, I baked a few “on sticks” to use as cake toppers…

SDB Shark Cookies_waiting for teeth

I took KF’s advice about making the sharks bellies white! They do look more realistic. Here they are drying waiting for teeth application…

SDB Shark Cookies_teeth 1

I tried adding the teeth 2 ways… here I drew a white line of icing and dragged down points to make the shark teeth…

SDB Shark Cookies_teeth 2

For the more defined Hammer Song teeth I used my SDB thin tip icing bottle to follow the teeth shapes… I think this method worked best and the teeth stayed defined.

I just had to put a heart on at least one of them even though sharks are not very cuddly! Also one thing to note: I prefer the black icing eyes over the black candy beads seen here. While I love the way the black beads look, one day later, the black color ran and seeped into the grey icing.

SDB Shark Cookies_ and Wave Cookie Platter

Shark Cookie success! I used a blue bordered melamine tray to create an “action packed” cookie scene…

SDB Shark Cookies_cookie cake toppers

…while these delish shark cake toppers swam atop KF’s gooey chocolate birthday cake!

I had so much fun making these shark cookies come to life! For a more in depth look at how to ice these cookies check out our Shark and Wave featured how- to’s on Sweet Dani B TV!

In other Shark Cookie news, my “fairy cookie-mother”, Beth, from CopperGifts is sending me their latest shark cookie cutter! Look for our “Cookie Sharks Part 2” coming soon!  Shark on, friends…  Xo Dani