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Baby, You’re A Firework Cookie

Sweet Dani B Firework cookies at fireworks
The most fun a cookie could ever have… my firework cookies watched the Macy’s fireworks from our deck last year!

Lots of people have asked, and the truth is, I had no idea the amazing bakers at Martha were going to be designing a firework cookie for their cover a few years ago… but like lots of trends, they often debut at the same time. I adore the idea of creating different designs using a simple circle cutter but my intention with our Sweet Dani B firework cutter is that it look more “realistic”. I also love that this cutter is timeless… It’s nice to have a cookie making tradition come summer and I could not wait to decorate firework cookies this year!

SDB firework cookies in vases
Speaking of decorating, these cookies are also great to decorate with! Just bake your cookies on wood skewers and arrange them in vases! I filled my cookie vases with red hots.
SDB Fireworks w star candies
I got a little “random” this year and added randomly placed star candies to my fireworks… I also tried some fun color mixes like the random placement of colorful stripes on this pink firework.

Last year Sugarlily cookie company posted her version of the firework cookie on our Facebook page and I just loved it! I’ve been referring to it as the “really realistic firework” because it really does follow the pattern of a firework falling…

Sugarlily's adorable firework cookie!
Sugarlily’s adorable firework cookie!

This year I also did a version of this cookie that was inspired by Sugarlily’s. First I iced falling lines like hers onto a wet navy iced cookie, then let it fully dry then added… wait for it…

SDB July 4th realistic firework cookie
DISCO DUST! Because glitter makes everything fabulous!

I also added some mini candy beads in fun colors to the lines for some extra texture…

I love all the versions of the firework cookies! I hope these inspire you to bake up a batch in preparation for this week’s celebrations… OR bake your cookie fireworks, prep patriotic royal icing, and make these cookies with your July 4th guests as a fun activity! Watch our how to ice firework cookie videos with your guests, then get icing!

Happy birthday America! Sing it with me now… Baby, you’re a FIREWORK!  Xo Dani

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  • A firework cookie can’t be a firework cookie without the glitter of disco dust! 🙂

    Your fireworks are perfection!

    We’re preparing for a visit from our Ranger on Wednesday – it’s going to be a perfect Independence Day celebration with him home!!