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Tool Cookies are SWEET!

In 2009, when MSLO teamed up with The Home Depot, the Martha Show hosted a Home Depot themed D.I.Y. show featuring tools, tips, and an intro to the line. The audience was filled with enthusiastic Home Depot employees outfitted in their adorable signature orange aprons. At the close of the show, Martha gifted Home Depot’s CEO with this sweet cookie tool basket.

SDB Martha Show Custom Tool Cookies
Our custom Martha Show Tool Cookie Box

When the producers asked us to create “something fabulous” for this segment, Production Designer, Anduin Havens and I, had the idea to make the tools “life size” (or at least close), so we custom designed these cookie cutters with the amazing Coppergifts. Martha Show carpenter, Sean Ennis, made this adorable box and painted it with Martha for Home Depot paint!

Backstage at The Martha Show waiting for the tool cookie handoff
Backstage at The Martha Show waiting for the tool cookie handoff


Sweet Dani B 'Its a good thing' tape measure cookie
My two favorite cookies were the tape measure...
Sweet Dani B Custom Cookie Level Full Size
...and the level!

The cookie tool set was huge hit and I’ve had many requests for it over the years- especially for Father’s Day. Since these cookies were so large, they were a bit challenging to work with and extremely fragile. So this year, we decided to scale the tools down to a more average cookie size. Don’t worry! They are still on the big side- with plenty of room to ice and decorate.

Sweet Dani B New Custom Cookie Tools Detail
Our new scaled down tape measure and level cookies fit in great with Coppergifts hammer, saw, wrench and screwdriver! (The ruler you see here was also made with the level cutter)

I was really excited when Missy of Pink Pistachio ordered some cookie tools for her son’s construction themed birthday party! It is such an adorable party theme and I love that she sent me color swatches for royal icing!

Cookie Tool Color Chips
We LOVED the Mickey Mouse paint chips Missy sent for the tools we kept using them!
Missy styled our tool cookies
I LOVE how Missy styled our tool cookies in this box from Home Depot! The kids got to take them home in these adorable aprons! Photo Courtesy of

And, because our love for Dad “knows no measure” and we are thankful he is so “level headed” these cookies could not be more perfect for Father’s Day.

Sweet Dani B Wrench Tape Measure Level
Our cookie collection for Dad!

Look for our icing how to video coming soon as well as a how to blog post on creating an edible tool box to present your cookies in! YUM! We’ll also be sharing our downloadable Father’s Day cookie card tags!

If you plan to ice these cookies for Father’s Day here’s a handy dandy clickable Shopping List!

Sweet Dani B Icing Kit

Tape Measure Cookie Cutter

Level & Ruler Cookie Cutter (order the rectangle 2 x 6″)

Hammer Cookie Cutter

Wrench Cookie Cutter

Saw Cookie Cutter

Candy beads (we used green, yellow and orange)

Candy heart (optional, we love them on the Tape Measure)

Americolor food doodler, black (for writing names on the cookies, adding ruler and tape measure details)

Food Doodler Fine Yellow (for tracing the circle onto the tape measure, tracing straight lines onto level, tracing template onto Super Dad- this is a great set to have)

Silver Coarse Sanding Sugar

Jolly Ranchers (Complaint: What ever happened to the yellow ones? I had to buy 2 bags to find enough blue and green)

Fondant (Optional: You can also ice the white circles on the level)

While you are shopping, you might want to pick up our Super Dad cutter! He’s AMAZING and all the JUICE about decorating him can be found in this post! More on these cookies soon… Happy Saturday! Xo Dani

Sweet Dani B Super Dad Cookie Dan
Up next? Super Dad cookies! Wooohoo!

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