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Sweet Style Saturdays: The Pitch? A Wardrobe Refresher

Packing for a trip is actually a great time to do a little “closet catharsis” so as I pack up for vacation next week, I have my 3 bins going… DONATE • EBAY/COPIOUS • SAVE FOR LATER. It seems like just yesterday that I rolled up to Amanda’s house with my rolling rack and yet her eposode of the Pitch airs tomorrow!

Did someone request a wardrobe refresher?

Check out our post for tips about how I helped Amanda prep to be camera ready and enjoy a little behind the scenes Q & A at the end!


I’m happy to report that exciting things are happening in the life of my friend, Amanda Kane. You met Amanda back in September when I highlighted her crazy cool maternity style

SDB-custom- decorative-Amanda-Cookie
Mom-to-be Amanda cookie by Sweet Dani B

Since then, this busy Mom of two (to the adorable and adorably named, Bette and Donovan) has returned to work at NYC advertising agency, Bandujo (you might know them from their controversial and much talked about “Pouring on the Pounds” anti soda campaign). She and they are looking forward to taking part in an upcoming reality tv show about ad agencies titled “The Pitch” which is rumored to be on the schedule to air on AMC after Mad Men. (Don Draper follwed by a juice-filled reality show starring one of my best friends? SWEET!)

The show will tape for 10 days, and Amanda’s hours are already long (and include a hearty commute) so Amanda asked me to assist her in choosing a flattering TV wardrobe from “O to A” (outfits to accessories). That way, every crack of day morning is a no brainer in the getting ready department.

Amanda has lots of fun accessories!

We planned this out in two stages essentially “The Assessment” and “The Big Finish” (Obviously I needed to add Pitch worthy terms to my assignment). We started Assessment day in her closet where I asked her to pull everything she loves from “A to O”.

Jason Wu for Target top, Jcrew hat

Amanda’s style is very original… She is artsy, she loves patterns and vintage and I suspect a bit of South Jersey (where she grew up) surf style mixed in. Armed with post its, we began pairing cute tops with jackets, jewelry and hats when I noticed an interesting (but not uncommon) phenomenon… She had no pants!

Post its helped us keep everything in order

Did you ever see the Seinfeld where Jerry gets dumped because his new girlfriend found out he changed the size number on all his jeans? The reason that is so funny we can all relate to that theory! Lots of people get stuck in the idea of being a specific size and can’t “get out”. Technically, Amanda had lots of pants but only two pair that fit (after further examination even one of the two wasn’t a perfect fit)- most ended up being either too big or small.

My other fashion diagnosis was that Amanda had been partaking in “shirt off my back spending” or in this case “pants off my behind”. IE: Spending all and any of what would be her much needed pant fund on clothes for Bette and Van. Selflessness is the mark of an amazing Mom but ladies, I promise, your kids would not mind wearing their adorable kiddie outfits more than once as you put aside some money to spend on yourself. I assured Amanda that Bette would be happy to wear that adorable striped neon top a bunch more if it means an extra spring in her step while wearing the proper size dark trouser jeans.

Bette rocking the neon trend with baby Uggs!

We finished Assessment Day with what Amanda called the “Don’t Pull Any Punches” portion of the day… In her words, “Tell me what else you really think I should do to look good on TV and I won’t get offended.”

The “Don’t Pull Any Punches” List
1.  Stand up straight! Like most taller women, Amanda tends to slouch, especially while wearing heels. I informed her if she was going to slouch in heels, I was going to edit her shoe choices to flats only (this changed her posture quickly).

2. Put on some makeup: Amanda is lucky to have great skin, so she doesn’t wear makeup every day, but for camera, makeup is a must. Since we didn’t want her suddenly looking pan-caked, I suggested Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (which comes in an amazing 10 shades and has SPF) and (my obsession) Bare Escentuals mineral powder “foundation”.

3. Go To Manana: I can (and I will) dedicate an entire post to brow beauty, but in short, your eyebrows are frames to one of the most focused on parts of your face. Stop abusing, over or under plucking them. They should be shaped into an arch. In NYC, Manana at Fekkai is an underground legend in brow shaping (Beyonce is rumored client). A visit with her will cost you more than your average waxing ($50) BUT, if you even go only once, then maintain them yourself, the difference is un mistakable.

In addition to this list, I emailed Amanda a detailed online shopping list which was due on our next installment. I promised her she would not have to keep everything but wanted her to try some pant options that would turn to pant staples for her.

Amanda's eyebrows after Manana's masterful shaping!

On “The Big Finish” day, I showed up with my rolling garment rack. The clean slate of an empty rolling rack allowed us to literally build 10+ fresh looks mixing the old and the new. We filled the rack with 10 looks plus options for pants or jeans depending how she is feeling that day. There are a few previously dressy dresses mixed in that we dressed down by adding key pieces that highlight Amanda’s style. Since she looks great in hats, and hats are an amazing option for low maintainence hair days (especially when jazzed up with brooches), we bookended the rack with hats. As we rolled the rack into place, I couldn’t help but feel like the Mary Poppins of Amanda’s wardrobe- fresh and refreshed!


We are ready for you TV!

Tune in to The Pitch to see Amanda in all her fabulous looks (which will be the favorite?), working her advertising magic with her co workers at Bandujo! I know she is going to be amazing!  Meanwhile I’m thinking I might have something here to “Pitch” myself? Should we call it the SDB Refresher Rack? Is there a way to work cookies in too? 😉

The Pitch
Amanda (at center) looking fab (note brooch on hat!) during filming of the Pitch! So exciting!

Behind the Scenes of The Pitch: Q&A with Amanda Kane, Account Supervisor, Bandujo Advertising

I always assumed I knew ‘what advertising agencies did’ until I started watching the Pitch. Its a much longer process, much more high pressure and lots of putting your ideas and yourself out there. What are you most excited to have viewers see about the behind the scenes of Bandujo’s episode of the Pitch?  Well, I know that viewers won’t be able to see even a fraction of the time that it really takes to put a pitch together but I do hope they walk away with an understanding of how we work as an agency. Jose always says that, “a great idea can come from anyone” so we all try to collaborate on projects as much as possible. Everyone is encouraged to sit down and brainstorm together and there are really no creative prima donnas, all ideas are fair game (as long as you can support them with good strategy)! And it will be nice if people see that we really do like to work together too!

The idea of the Pitch is that your agency is given “the assignment of a lifetime” to Pitch in competition with another agency- which is stress in itself! What was it like to work this assignment out “on camera”?  We went into this situation knowing that we couldn’t change our process or try to work any differently than we normally do…pitching new business is always stressful and a lot of times new projects from existing clients can be just as creatively challenging as a new business pitch. I was surprised how quickly we adjusted to the cameras, the first day was a little strange but then they just became part of our scenery. We seemed to go through our typical process of coming up with ideas, loving them then waking up the next day and realizing that something is missing…and then finally we feel like we hit “it” and then we go with it!

You look so so great in the promo and promo photo. When we checked out your closet we discovered you were in a bit of a shopping rut- about pants and bottoms shopping to be specific. Have you tried any of the new Spring/ Summer bottoms trends? I am happy to report that my shopping rut is officially over! Because I took the time to go through my closet (because I asked you to help me figure it all out), to see what I really needed and how certain pieces could work together I am definitely a more focused shopper. I am in love with my J.Crew Bennett chinos…they are some of the best fitting pants I have ever owned and I really love my poppy ones. They are a bright orangey/red which is spot on for this season and fun and flattering. I can’t think of anything else I want in a pant! In other news, my daughter has been in the same onesie for weeks 😉

To keep up the “juice” we agreed that you would surprise me and wear your favorite “look” to the Pitch… I can’t wait to see which outfit it is! My lips are sealed!

I’m so excited to tune in… Happy Saturday!  Xo Dani

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