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The Best Way to Eat a Cupcake (in my opinion) by Sweet Dani B

If I recall correctly, I picked up this fab foodie “trick” from my friend Molly, (a stylist on the Martha Stewart Show) many, many moons ago. Its a delicious approach to cupcake eating that garners attention any time people notice me doing it…

Cupcake eating close up
My friends might seem all “what the?!” but I am all business when it comes to eating cupcakes! Heed this advice…

I like to build a cupcake into a sandwich before eating it, so to better enjoy the balance of icing to cake ratio. The truth is, I am a bigger cake fan than icing fan, so when the icing remains atop a cupcake only, it is much more prominent…

Follow these 6 easy steps to enjoy your cupcake the balanced and yum way I have been enjoying them for years!

Step 1: Spy delicious cupcake, pick out best one
Step 1: Spy delicious cupcake, pick out best one of bunch
Cupcake eating 2
Step 2: Remove decorative flag and cupcake wrapper
Step 3: Pull apart top of cupcake from bottom
Step 3: Pull apart top of cupcake from bottom
Cupcake eating 4
Step 4: If a candy topper is included, eat it now, otherwise its flavor will get lost in the “sandwich”.
Cupcake eating 5
Step 5: Firmly press bottom to top, forming icing filled “sandwich”.
Cupcake eating 6
Step 6: Take big bite while enjoying the sweet sandwich like balance of cake/ icing/ cake, as well as the neatness of getting minimal icing on your nose or face while eating!

In doing research for this post, I realized there are many cupcake sandwich makers out there. Join us and let us know what you think about this SWEET tip!  Xo Dani

PS. Thanks to my friend Janine, who made this delicious “Hooray for Summer” cupcake that was both delicious and perfect for this demo!


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  • OMG I thought I was the only one who did this!!! I even do this with mini cupcakes. I used to show my students how I did this when I was a teacher, too. We must be some serious cupcake eaters!!! lol