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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SuperDad!

Sweet Dani B Superdad Dan Cookie
SuperDad Dan Boglivi

Like lots of other very lucky children out there, I grew up thinking of my Dad as the most handsome, the biggest, the strongest, the smartest and the best of all Dads out there and he is still that same hero to me 39 years later.

Cookies for Dad Workshop 2011
Cookies for Dad Workshop 2011

I hosted a Fathers Day workshop at City Bistro Restaurant in Hoboken last year and it was one of my favorites ever. We had a bit of a smaller group, a few repeat “customers” with expert icing experience, and two of my artsy best friends joined me to help host. We started with simpler but super fun Dad related cookies… a fun fish, a tie and a mustache on a stick…

Julia with her mustache cookie
The adorable Julia with her mustache cookie on a stick

When I announced that we’d be icing the SuperDad as our finale cookie, everyone got really excited. People cookies are difficult to do- especially in a short amount of time but since this group was small I thought we would give it a shot. They watched my demo intently…

Original Super Dad cookie by Sweet Dani B
My workshop demo SuperDad
Sketching SuperDad
...and then they started sketching and icing...
Dan's SuperDad workshop cookie
...and getting SUPER creative!

All the SuperDad cookies were amazing but one cookie in particular really inspired me and it was made by the only guy in our class that day, my friend Kir’s husband, Dan Powell, who had recently himself just become a SuperDad. It got me to thinking that everyone might want to bake up a cookie for the heroes in their lives- weather it be their Dads, StepDads their husbands, their brothers, their best friends… These Super Heroes are everywhere! (cue Mariah Carey)

SDB SuperDad Trio
SuperDads ACTIVATE! Form of... COOKIE!

We hope you love the SuperHero SuperDad cookie cutter as much as we do. I’ve iced a bunch of Dad versions to inspire you for next Sunday.

SuperDads presented on a long tray
'Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound- Its SuperDad! (original quote from Superman)

After Father’s Day, I want to experiment more with colors, masks, expressions and of coarse I’ll be making a SuperKF…

So order your cookie cutter here and watch our how to ice SuperDad cookie…

Click here to download our SDB Supersuit & Cape templates… and you are on your way!

Don’t forget to share your amazing cookie creations with us on Facebook… I can hardly wait to “meet” your SuperDads! Now up, up, and away!  Xo Dani

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  • Hi Dani,
    Fantastic cutter and design (as usual!), can’t wait to try it out but I’m not getting the link to to download the Supersuit and Cape template. Any ideas?
    Kelly x